Use your own Wi-Fi router

Connect a third-party router to the Google Fiber's Network Box to set up your Internet service.

The Google Fiber Network Box is optimized to deliver the best performance for your home network with your Google Fiber connection. The Network Box is required for your Fiber Internet connection to work properly.

If you prefer to use your own router, you can use it with the Fiber Network Box. Connect your router to the Fiber Network Box (wired or wirelessly) as you would any other device. Your router, however, is not a substitute for the Fiber Network Box; you cannot use your own router in place of the Fiber Network Box.

Things to consider when using your own wireless router

If you want to use your own router and the Fiber Network Box, consider the following:

  • Connecting your own router to the Fiber Network Box requires advanced networking experience. If you do not consider yourself an advanced user, we don't recommend choosing this configuration.

  • Any externally facing network configurations (such as port forwarding and firewalls) need to be configured on both the Fiber Network Box and on your own router. Learn more about configuring port forwarding and configuring your firewall.

  • Any internally facing network configurations (such as specifying your Wi-Fi network name or password) can be configured on your router.

You can use Google Wifi and OnHub as routers with your Google Fiber Network Box. Because they're Wi-Fi routers, Google Wifi and OnHub require a broadband Internet connection like the one provided by the Google Fiber Network Box. Google Wifi and OnHub can’t replace the Google Fiber Network Box, but can be connected to the Network Box as additional Wi-Fi access points.
Recommended setup for Google Wifi or OnHub:
  1. Connect the Google Wifi or OnHub WAN port to any Google Fiber Network Box LAN ports.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi on the Network Box.
  3. Enable bridge mode on the Google Wifi or OnHub.

If you use your own router, our customer support staff is not trained to assist you in troubleshooting non-Google Fiber routers.

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