Protect your Google Fi number against SIM swaps

SIM swapping happens when someone is able to steal your phone number by convincing your carrier to port your phone number over to a SIM card they own. For example, someone may call your carrier, pretend to be you, and convince your carrier that you have lost your phone and need to move your number to a new phone.

How Google Fi helps protect your info

Your Google Fi number is tied to your Google Account. This means that anything related to your Google Fi service - including your phone number, your phone contacts, and your billing information - has all the security protections that come with your Google Account.

In order to cancel your service and transfer your number, you’ll need to prove that you are the owner of your Google Fi number:

  • When you cancel your service online or through your Google Fi app, you have to be logged in with your Google Account. 
  • If we detect suspicious activity when you try to view your transfer information, we will require you to verify it’s you.

If you contact Google Fi support for assistance: 

  • You’ll need to sign into the Google Fi app or use your web account to provide a security code, or accept a security prompt on your mobile device.

Important: A Google Fi support agent will never ask for your Google Account password. An agent may ask for your Google Account username to confirm your account.

Make your Google Fi number more secure

To make your Google Fi number more secure, turn on 2-Step Verification.

Learn how to make your Google Account more secure.

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