Trade in or upgrade your phone

If you want to trade your current phone for a Fi phone, or upgrade your Fi phone to the newest model, use Fi's trade-in program.

  1.  Get an estimate for your phone
    • If you're new to Fi, you can sign up and buy a new Fi phone after this.
    • If you're already a Fi subscriber, in your account go to Manage Plan and then Buy new device
  2. Back up your data. Make sure to reset your phone to get the full trade-in amount.
  3. After you get your trade-in kit, you'll have 30 days to send us your old phone.
    • If you pre-order a device, you'll have up to 30 days from when your new phone is delivered.
  4. Check the status of your trade-in in your Fi account, under Manage Plan and then Devices.

You can trade in one phone for each Fi order you place. After we get your phone, we'll verify the trade-in value and send you an email with details on when to expect a refund or account credit. If you're financing your new device, you'll get an account credit. If you're paying for your new device in full, you'll get a refund.

To trade in a phone you're currently financing, you'll have to pay off your remaining balance before you can start the trade-in process.

If your phone has Google Fi device protection, make sure to cancel coverage once your trade-in is completed.

Know how to factory reset your old phone

Important: Phones that aren’t reset when we get them will be valued at $0.

Before you send us your old phone, factory reset it and make sure you select "Erase downloaded SIMs."

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