Trade in or upgrade your phone

If you want to trade your current phone for a Fi phone, or upgrade your Fi phone to the newest model,use the Fi trade-in program.

Learn how to trade in or upgrade your phone with a step-by-step guide.

  1.  Get an estimate for your phone. 
    • If you're new to Fi, you can sign up and buy a new Fi phone after getting your estimate.
    • If you're already a Fi subscriber, sign in to
  2. Back up your data. Make sure to reset your phone to get the full trade-in amount.
  3. After you get your trade-in kit, you have 30 days to send us your old phone.
    • If you pre-order a device, you have up to 30 days from when your new phone is delivered.
  4. Check the status of your trade-in in your Fi account, under Manage Plan and then Devices.

You can trade in one phone for each Fi order you place. After we get your phone, we'll verify the trade-in value and send an email with details on when to expect a refund or account credit. If you're financing your new device, you'll get an account credit. If you're paying for your new device in full, you'll get a refund up to the cost of your device purchase. Any additional trade value will be issued as a credit.

To trade in a phone you're currently financing, you have to pay off your remaining balance before you can start the trade-in process.

If your phone has Google Fi device protection, once your trade-in is done, coverage should cancel automatically.

Understand trade-in value

How trade-in value is determined
After we get the phone, we’ll do an evaluation within 3 business days. The estimate you get is based on the device specifications and condition you select.
  • If the trade-in device's value matches the estimate: If you purchase a Pixel, we credit the Post-Inspection Value (PIV) to your credit card.
  • If the trade-in device's value is lower: If you selected to accept a change in value, we credit you the Post-Inspection Value (PIV).
Maximize your trade-in value
  • Factory reset the device and remove activation locks.
  • Ship the device within 30 days of receiving your new phone.
  • Answer the initial trade-in questions accurately.
  • You may still be able to trade-in devices that fail the below inspections but you're offered a lower refund that more accurately reflects the Trade-in Value.

Learn what’s checked during trade in inspection

Important: The initial trade-in quote is based on the information provided but the final value is based on the inspection.

Trade-in value assessment
You may find reasons why your trade-in value is affected. More information about these reasons:
  • Phone doesn’t turn on or off: The phone doesn’t turn on, turn off, or there’s a problem with the charger.
  • Damaged screen: The screen is cracked, damaged, bruised, missing pixels, or the LCD is dark or burnt out.
  • Touch screen doesn’t work: The touch screen isn’t responsive.
  • Phone isn’t factory reset: The phone’s activation lock is still on.
  • Incorrectly reported phone model: The phone model we received is different from the one you picked.
  • Phone shipped more than 30 days after the new phone was delivered.
  • Phone reported lost or stolen.
  • Received package was empty or had miscellaneous item.
Pixel Pass trade-ins
When you subscribe to Pixel Pass, you can trade in your old phone for a credit toward your subscription. When you sign up for Pixel Pass, you’ll get a trade-in value estimate for your phone. Learn more about Pixel Pass.
  • If your device is traded in before your first billing cycle: The estimated trade-in value is spread over the next 24 months of your Pixel Pass subscription, reducing your monthly bill.
  • If your device is traded in after your first billing cycle: The estimated trade-in value reduces your total number of monthly Pixel Pass payments.
After 24 monthly Pixel Pass payments, you fully own your phone.
  • After you make 24 monthly Pixel Pass payments, you decide if you want to stay subscribed and receive a new Pixel phone as an upgrade.
  • You can choose to keep your prior phone or trade in your phone when you upgrade to reduce your monthly Pixel Pass bill going forward.
Cancel trade-in
  • If you don't want to process your trade-in, dispose of the Shipping Kit.
  • If you already sent your device, you can't cancel the trade-in.
  • If you didn't send in your device and want to cancel your trade-in request, contact the support team to confirm cancellation.
  • If you return the phone you bought with your trade-in, you receive the trade-in value as a Google Store credit in your account.

Know how to factory reset your old phone

Important: Phones that aren’t reset when we get them will be valued at $0.

Before you send us your old phone, factory reset it and make sure you select "Erase downloaded SIMs."

LCD inspection factors

Devices will fail LCD inspection if they have any of the following:

  • Doesn’t power on
  • Faulty power button
  • Activation locks (Find My iPhone, Google, Lock, and Samsung Lock)
  • Damaged LCD LED backlight
  • Cracked screen
  • Damaged screen
  • Burn-in
  • Bruising (may appear as dead pixels or spots of discoloration)
  • Pixelation
  • Delamination
  • Unresponsive screen
  • Swollen battery

Housing inspection factors

Devices will fail housing inspection of they have any of the following:

  • Major case crack
  • Minor case crack
  • Major scratch
  • Camera broken
  • Button/key broken
  • Power button broken
  • Battery missing
  • Battery door broken
  • Case bent

Plan for warranty coverage

  • All manufacturer warranties are void for the phone you’re trading in.
  • If the phone you’re trading in has device protection from the Google Store, you’ll get a prorated refund.
  • We recommend that you cancel all warranties from other providers before you trade in your phone.


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