Google Fi accessibility features

Important: At this time, Google Fi doesn't support Real Time Text (RTT).

Contact support

Google Fi questions

To reach Google Fi support on your TTY device, dial 711 and ask to connect to Google Fi support at 1-844-TALK2Fi. 

If Google Fi support at 1-844-TALK2Fi is closed or you want to request a call back, complete the form to get a call from a Google Fi Support Expert.

General accessibility questions

If you have questions about assistive technology or other Google products, go to the contact page for the Google Disability Support team. Then, select a support option.

Call relay services

You can use 711 to call Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). The relay service helps people with hearing or speech disabilities make phone calls through an operator.

Note: If you need to reach emergency services, use TTY to call 911 directly. When possible, do not rely on 711 in the event of an emergency.

Android accessibility features for your phone

Android accessibility features and apps let you customize your Android device to suit your needs. You can use services and tools such as a screen reader (TalkBack), switch access, and braille support. You can also customize settings such as captions, magnification gestures, large text, high-contrast text, and more.

You can enable TalkBack immediately when you set up your new Android device.

Learn more about all Android accessibility features.

Hearing aid compatibility

Turn on hearing aid compatibility

  1. Open your device's Phone app.
  2. Tap Menu More.
  3. Tap Settings and then Accessibility.
  4. Check or uncheck the box next to “Hearing aids.”

Hearing aid compatible phones

Google Fi currently offers these hearing aid compatible handsets:

Device Hearing Aid Compatibility Manufacturer FCC ID
Pixel 8 M3 & T4 Google G9BQD
Pixel 8 Pro M3 & T4 Google G1MNW
Pixel Fold M3 & T4 Google A4RG9FPL
Pixel 7a M3 & T4 Google A4RGWKK3
Pixel 7 M3 & T4 Google A4RGVU6C
Pixel 7 Pro M3 & T4 Google A4RGE2AE
Pixel 6a M3 & T4 Google A4RGX7AS
Pixel 6 M3 & T3 Google A4RGB7N6
Pixel 6 Pro M3 & T4 Google A4RG8V0U
Pixel 5a with 5G M3 & T4 Google A4RG1F8F
Pixel 5 M4 & T3 Google A4RGD1YQ
Pixel 4a (5G) M3 & T4 Google A4RG025E
Pixel 4a M3 & T4 Google A4RG025J
Pixel 4 M3 & T4 Google A4RG020I
Pixel 4 XL M3 & T4 Google A4RG020J
Pixel 3a M3 & T3 Google A4RG020G
Pixel 3a XL M3 & T3 Google A4RG020C
Pixel 3 M3 & T3 Google A4RG013A
Pixel 3 XL M3 & T3 Google A4RG013C
Moto G7 M4 & T4 Motorola IHDT56XP1
Moto G 5G (2022) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56AA3
Moto G 5G (2023) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56AJ8
Moto G Play M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56ZD4
Moto G Power (2020) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56YL1
Moto G Power (2021) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56ZH1
Moto G Power (2022) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56ZP5
Moto G Stylus M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56YN1
Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56AA4
Moto G Stylus 5G (2023) M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56AL2
Motorola Razr+ M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56AJ3
Motorola One 5G Ace M3 & T3 Motorola IHDT56ZF2
Samsung Galaxy A03s M3 & T3 Samsung ZCASMA037U
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMA326U
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMA536U
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMA546U
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G M4 & T3 Samsung A3LSMA716U
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G M3 & T3 Samsung ZCASMA037U
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G M3 & T3 Samsung ZCASMA146U
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Conversational gain of 18dB Samsung A3LSMA156U
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G M4 & T3 Samsung A3LSMN981U
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G M4 & T3 Samsung A3LSMN986U
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G M4 & T3 Samsung A3LSMG981U
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMG986U
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMG988U
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMG991U
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMG996U
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMG998U
Samsung Galaxy S22 M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMS901U
Samsung Galaxy S22+ M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMS906U
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMS908U
Samsung Galaxy S23 M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMS911U
Samsung Galaxy S23+ M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMS916U
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMS918U
Samsung Galaxy S24 Conversational gain of 15dB Samsung A3LSMS921U
Samsung Galaxy S24+ Conversational gain of 9dB Samsung A3LSMS926U
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Conversational gain of 18dB Samsung A3LSMS928U
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMF711U
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMF936U
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMF731U
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMF721U
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 M3 & T3 Samsung A3LSMF946U

Rating System: The rating system (M1 through M4 for microphone or T1 through T4 for telecoil) helps you identify handsets that are designed to be compatible with hearing aids. Typically, the higher the M or T rating assigned to a phone, the less interference. Phones that receive a rating of 3 or 4 usually cause the least amount of interference. FCC rules require that phones with ratings of 3 or 4 (which are deemed to be hearing aid compatible) be labelled.

The ratings are not guaranteed. Results depend on your specific hearing device and hearing loss. If your hearing device happens to be vulnerable to interference, you may not be able to use a rated phone successfully. The best way to evaluate a rated phone for your needs is to try it out with your own hearing device.

Functionality: Hearing aid compatible handset functionality tiers are based on the following criteria:

  • Best: Devices featuring higher-end design, material and finish, paired-up with a more sophisticated user interface and functionalities. (Currently, all Google Fi phones are within this tier.)
  • Good: Entry-level phones with straight-forward features, applications, and design.

Note: Handsets with Wi-Fi or Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) calling capabilities may not have been tested for hearing aid compatibility in these calling modes.

If you didn't buy your phone from Google Fi or the Google store, check with your phone's manufacturer for details.

For additional information on hearing-aid compatible and non-hearing aid-compatible handsets generally, please visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) website at

Turn TTY mode on or off

  1. Open your device's Phone app.
  2. Tap MenuMore.
  3. Tap Settingsand thenCalls.
  4. Tap TTY mode.
  5. Select from the available options.

Accessibility FAQ

Can I download a copy of my billing statement? Yes, you can download your billing statement.

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