What Google Voice features do I get with Google Fi?

Most Google Voice features are available with Google Fi but some features have changed. You can talk, text, and check voicemail on any device with one phone number.

You can also learn what happens to your Google Voice number.

Features you get with Google Fi

With Google Fi, you’ll have all of the following features you enjoyed with Google Voice:

  • Call, text, and check voicemail on the web, Android phones or tablets, and iPhones or iPads, using Hangouts.  
  • Forward calls, except to Google Voice or Google Fi numbers.
    • The call forwarding numbers you had set up on Google Voice will transfer to Google Fi. If you set your call forwarding numbers to ring at different times, these settings will also transfer to Fi.
    • Unless you set up an app to redirect your phone calls, any outgoing calls from a phone that you’re forwarding to using the default Phone app will come from the phone’s number, not your Google Fi number. If you make an outgoing call with the Hangouts dialer, the call will come from your Google Fi number.
  • Block calls
    • Your blocked numbers on Google Voice will remain blocked.
    • At the bottom of any page on the Google Fi website, go to Google Voice to add, change, or remove blocked numbers.
    • You can also block individual numbers from your contacts.
  • Find your call and voicemail history
    • At the bottom of any page on the Google Fi website, go to Google Voice to find your call and voicemail history. 
    • You'll no longer have access to voice.google.com or Google Voice apps.

  • Google Fi call & voicemail history
  • Message history
    •  If you’ve been using Google Voice text messages in Hangouts, your message history will continue to be available in Hangouts. If you didn’t use Hangouts, your message history won’t be available.

Voicemail transcriptions are available. 

We have low international calling rates, with no additional charge for international texts in more than 120 supported countries.

Google Voice credits you purchased with U.S dollars will carry over to your Google Fi billing statement. If you paid for credit in another currency, you can request a refund.

What’s different with Google Fi

After you activate Google Fi, you won’t be able to use the Google Voice website, apps, or Hangouts to make calls, send texts, or check new voicemail. You also can’t use Obihai devices.

The following Google Voice features are no longer available:

To open calls and voicemails you received before you joined Fi, at the bottom of any page on the Google Fi website, click the "Google Voice" link.

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