How do I access the Google Enterprise Support Portal?

For customer access

For customers who qualify for enterprise-level support, other than GSA customers, your primary system administrator was granted an Enterprise Support Portal account at the time you purchased the service. An e-mail with login instructions, including username and password information, was sent to your primary administrator's e-mail address.

The primary system administrator can log into the portal and request additional portal accounts for other administrators at your company by creating a support case, and requesting an additional user account. If you do not know who your system administrator is, or you need assistance with your portal account, please complete the request form.

For Google Apps resellers and Google Apps and Cloud Platform customers

The Google Enterprise Support Center is replacing the Enterprise Support Portal. The Google Enterprise Support Center offers an integrated interface where resellers and their customers have access to the same information. And the Support Center uses the same login credentials as the Google Apps Administrator Control Panel, giving Google Apps users a single sign-on experience.

The Google Enterprise Support Center is already available to Cloud Platform customers and Google Apps resellers and customers with additional product families on the way. See the Google Enterprise Support Center - Frequently Asked Questions for additional details and the latest information.