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Turn on additional Google services

If you'll be using other Google services at your school, you might want to enable them or verify that they're enabled while you're setting up Google Workspace in your Admin console. Remember that you can turn on these apps and services for specific organizational units, as needed, or you can enable them later during setup of those services.

Google service Why used Default How to
Classroom By default, Classroom is enabled. If another administrator disabled Classroom, enable again to allow access for teachers and students. Enabled Enable Classroom
YouTube To restrict which videos are viewable for signed-in Google Workspace users Disabled Turn on Google Workspace services
Google Play
  • Google Payments: To allow teachers to make content purchases using a credit card or Purchase Order
  • Google Books: To allow students to receive Google Books

Note: Google Play is required for Android tablets for Education.

Disabled Turn on Google Workspace services (Additional Google services)
Groups for Business (requires Gmail)

Recommended to allow administrators and teachers to create email lists and to simplify setting permissions for Google Workspace services

Note: Groups for Business is required for Classroom if Google Workspace administrators verify pending teachers.

Enabled for new domains Turn on Groups for Business


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