Troubleshoot SIS grade export

This article is for teachers.

Important: The SIS grade export feature is available for the these SaaS partners:

  • Infinite Campus users with the Campus Learning License
  • Skyward version 2.0 users with the LMS API license
  • Follett Aspen users of version 6.2 or above

Learn more about:

Other SIS partnerships are in development.

If you have trouble with SIS grade export, try the solutions below.

How can I fix grade export errors?

Confirm these details for your classwork:

  • There is a due date within the current SIS grading period.
  • The post time is before the due date.
  • The title is unique in your class and not too long.
  • The post time is within the current SIS grading period.

Important: Grades must be in a returned state. Draft grades don’t export to your SIS.

What if the classwork post time is outside of the current SIS grading period?
  1. On a computer, go to
  2. Click the class and then Classwork and then the assignment.
  3. Next to the assignment's name, note the posted date.
  4. If the post time in Classroom is before the class start date in your SIS:
    • Delete the current classwork.
    • Re-create the classwork.
    • Enter grades for the classwork.
  5. Run the SIS grade export again.

Tip: To make sure that grades export properly, when you create classwork before the SIS grading period starts, schedule it to post on or after the start date of the class.

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What if a student in my class isn’t found in my SIS?
A student needs to have the same email address in Classroom and your SIS. If you’re not sure how to check this, ask your Google Workspace for Education administrator.
What if I can’t link my Classroom class to the SIS?
  • Check that the primary teacher’s email address in the SIS is correct. The email address should match the Google Workspace for Education email address for Classroom.
  • Make sure you’re listed as the primary teacher for the class in your SIS. Only the primary teacher in the SIS can link a Classroom class.
  • Confirm that your admin connected Classroom to your SIS.

Tip: If you have SIS options on your Classroom Settings page, your admin sets up the connection.

Link to class
Learn how to fix duplicate grades
  1. Check your SIS gradebook for the original assignment.
  2. In the SIS, delete the original assignment.
  3. Sync again.

If you’re unsure which assignment to delete:

  1. In the assignment workflow, change the name of the assignment.
  2. Sync.
  3. Check your SIS gradebook for the renamed assignment.
  4. In the SIS, delete the original assignment.
  5. Sync again.

Tip: To avoid duplicate grades when you relink a class, delete the assignment in the SIS then export grades.

What if my assignment ends up in the wrong grade category in the SIS?
To determine the supported SIS grading categories and other additional requirements, read the SIS FAQ page.

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