Grade with a rubric

This article is for teachers.

You can use a rubric to grade and give feedback. You can grade rubrics from the Student work page or the grading tool.

After you start grading, you can’t edit or delete the assignment's rubric.

For details on how students can check their rubrics, go to Check your work with rubrics.

Note: You might notice slight visual differences between tablets and phones.

On a mobile device, you and your students can only view rubrics. To create or grade a rubric, use your computer. 

See a rubric

You can see a rubric on mobile after creating it on the web version of Classroom.
  1. Tap Classroom ""and thenthe class.
  2. Tap Classwork.
  3. Tap the assignmentand thenInstructionsand thenthe rubric.
  4. To see a criterion’s level descriptions, scroll horizontally.

Select a rating for each criterion

This item isn’t available for mobile devices. We understand this is a desired feature and are working to expand rubric functionality.

For website instructions, click Computer

Manually change the total grade

You can manually enter a total grade for a student's assignment.
  1. Tap Classroom ""and thenthe class.
  2. Tap Classworkand thenthe assignment.
  3. Next to a student's name, tap their grade.
  4. Enter a new or revised grade.
    The grade saves as a draft.
  5. (Optional) To return the grade, next to the student's name, check the boxand thentap Return and confirm.

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