View your assignments on a calendar

This article is for students. Teachers go here.

You can track work and due dates in both the Classroom calendar and your Google Calendar. 

Work assigned by your teacher is shown in the Classroom calendar. This calendar is view only, so you can’t add anything to it.

Click the arrow

Classroom adds each class calendar to the Google Calendar for your Google account. You can find them as separate calendars in your My calendars list.

Google Calendar

You can see the classwork your teacher assigns, but anything you add to these calendars won’t show in the Classroom calendar.

Your mobile device only shows your Google Calendar, not the Classroom calendar.

Sync Calendar on your mobile device to use it on the Classroom mobile app. For instructions, see Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet.

Note: Anything you add in Google Calendar won't show in the Classroom calendar.

  1. Tap Classroom Classroom.
  2. At the top, tap Menu Menu.

    Tap Menu

  3. Tap Calendar.

    Tap Calendar

  4. Tap an assignment or question to open it.

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