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Invite teachers to a class

This page is for teachers. Students go here.

You can invite additional teachers to join your class to help coordinate class activities.

Invite co-teachers
  1. Sign in to Classroom with your Google Account.

    For example, or you@gmail.comLearn more.

  2. Click the class you want to add teachers to. 
  3. At the top of the class stream, click About.

    Click About

  4. Click Invite Teacher.

    Click Invite Teacher

  5. Enter the teacher's name or email you want to invite.

    As you enter text, an autocomplete list of teachers may appear.

  6. Select a user from the Search result or click Add recipient.
  7. (Optional) Enter the name or email of any other teacher you want to invite and click it. Or, click Add recipient.
  8. Click Invite.

Note: Invited teachers receive an email invitation. The class list of teachers is updated to show the names of invited teachers in grey. To join the class, the invited teacher must click a link in the email or sign in to Classroom and click Accept on the class card. Students can’t see invited teachers in the class until they accept the invitation.

About permissions for co-teachers

There are a few class permissions to be aware of:

  • Only the primary teacher can delete a class.
  • The primary teacher can't unenroll or be removed from a class.
  • Additional teachers can't be muted in a class. 
  • The primary teacher and additional teachers are notified of a private comment from a student if email notifications are on. Students can send an email to a specific teacher if they want to communicate only with them.
  • The primary teacher owns all class materials, including Google Drive assignment folders, submitted assignments, and templates.
  • After an additional teacher joins the class, the primary teacher’s class and assignment folders are shared in Drive.
  • If the primary teacher changes the folder structure, additional teachers might lose access to previously submitted student work. The primary teacher just needs to share the items again.
  • Materials that additional teachers add to assignments or posts are shared and available in the primary teacher’s class and assignment folders.
Class size limitations

G Suite for Education accounts

For teachers with a G Suite for Education account, Classroom has the following size limitations for each class:

  • Maximum number of teachers: 20
  • Maximum number of members (teachers and students): 1,000

Note: Classroom uses Google Groups for all students and teachers. Each person can only be in a certain number of groups. See the Membership section of Groups policies and limits for details.

Personal Google Accounts

Teachers with a personal Google Account also have additional limits on activity, such as creating classes or inviting students. Learn more about Policies and limits.

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