Create an assignment

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When you create an assignment, you can post it immediately, save a draft, or schedule it to post at a later date. After students complete and turn in their work, you can grade and return it to the students.

Create & post assignments

Create an assignment
In classes created after April 17, 2019, posts to the Classwork page appear at the top.
When you create an assignment, you can:

Create an assignment

  1. Tap Classroom and then the class.
  2. Tap Classwork .
  3. Tap Add and then Assignment.
  4. Enter a title and any instructions.
You can continue to edit and customize your assignment. Otherwise, if you’re ready, see below to post, schedule, or save your assignment.

Post to additional classes

Assignments posted to multiple classes are shared with all students in those classes.
  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Next to the class name, tap Next .
  3. Tap any additional classes and then Done.

Post to individual students

Unless you’re posting to multiple classes, you can post an assignment to individual students. You can’t post to more than 100 students at a time.
  1. Follow the steps above to add material.
  2. At the upper right, confirm if "All students" isn't selected.
    • If "All students" is selected, to deselect the option, tap All students .
  3. Tap the student names you want to post an assignment to.
  4. Tap Done.

​Add a grade category

Use grade categories to organize assignments. With grade categories, you and your students can see the category an assignment belongs to, such as Homework or Essays. Teachers also see the categories on the Grades page.
  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Next to Grade category, tap No category.
  3. Select a category.
  4. Continue creating the assignment, or tap More and then Save draft.
For more information, go to Add a grade category to a post.

Add a grading period

To organize assignments and grades into your school or district’s grading structure, create grading periods, such as quarters or semesters.

  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Under "Grading period," tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  3. From the menu, select a grading period.

Tip: Before adding a grading period to an assignment, create a grading period for the class first. Learn how to create or edit grading periods.

Change the point value

You can change the point value of an assignment or make the assignment ungraded. By default, assignments are set at 100 points.
  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Next to Points, tap the value.
  3. Enter a new point value or tap Ungraded.
  4. Tap Save.

Add a due date or time

By default, the assignment has no due date. To set a due date:
  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Tap Due date and then select a date.
  3. Tap OK.
  4. Optional: To add a time, tap Time and then select a time and then tap OK.
Tip: Work is marked "Missing" or "Turned in late" as soon as the due date and time arrive.

Add a topic

  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. At the top, tap More and then Edit and then Topic .
  3. Choose an option:
    • To create a topic, tap New topic, then enter a topic name.
    • To select a topic in the list, tap the topic name.
  4. To confirm, tap Done.
Tip: You can only add one topic to an assignment.
Learn more about how to add topics to the Classwork page.

Add attachments

You can:
Google Drive items are:
  • View-only for students
  • Editable by co-teachers
To change these sharing options, go to Stop, limit, or change sharing.
  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Tap Attach Attach and thenchoose an option:
    Attachment type Directions
    Drive Tap Add from Drive and then the item you want to add and then Select.
    1. Tap Link .
    2. Enter the URL.
    3. Tap Create.
    Tap Upload and then the file you want to upload.
    Take photo
    1. Tap Take photo .
    2. Take your photo and tap Done .
    Record video
    1. Tap Record video and thenRecord video .
    2. Record your video and tap Done .
    New PDF
    1. Tap New PDF .
    2. Optional: To write notes or draw images on the PDF, go to Write notes on your work.
    3. Tap Save .
  3. If you see a message that you don’t have permission to attach a file, tap Copy. Classroom makes a copy of the file to attach to the assignment and saves the copy to the class Drive folder.
  4. Next to the attachment, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  5. Choose an option for how students interact with the attachment:
    • Students can view file: All students can read the file, but not edit it.
    • Students can edit file: All students share the same file and can make changes to it.
    • Make a copy for each student: Students get their own copy of the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides file with their name added to the document title. You and the student can edit the document. When students turn in the assignment, they can’t edit the document until you return it to them.
      • This option is only available before you post an assignment.
  6. Optional: To delete an attachment, next to the attachment, tap Remove .

Attach Drive files with earlier versions of Android

To check which version of Android your device uses, go to Check your Android version.
Android version Instructions
Android 4.4 KitKat
Tap File and then select a file to attach.
Tip: You won't see the Drive icon .
Android 4.1–4.3 Jelly Bean
When you tap the Drive icon , you’ll be asked to update your device. For instructions, go to Update your Android version.
The update might not work on some older devices, but you can choose another option:
  • Copy the file link from your mobile browser and then tap Add link to attach it.
  • Use a computer rather than a mobile device.

Add a rubric

Turn on originality reports

For instructions, go to Turn on originality reports.
Post, schedule, or save a draft assignment
You can post an assignment immediately, or schedule it to post later. If you don’t know when you want to post it, you can save it as a draft.
To see scheduled and drafted assignments, tap Classwork .

Post an assignment

  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. To post the assignment immediately, tap Assign .

Schedule an assignment to post later

Scheduled assignments might be delayed up to 5 minutes after the post time.
  1. Create an assignment (details above).
    Tip: You can only schedule assignments for a single class.
  2. Tap More and then Schedule .
  3. At Schedule for date, tap the date, select a date, and tap OK.
  4. At Schedule for time, tap the time, select a time, and tap OK.
  5. Tap Schedule. The assignment will automatically post at the scheduled date and time.
  6. To schedule the assignment in another class, schedule it first for one class and then reuse the post for the other class.

Save an assignment as a draft

  1. Create an assignment (details above).
  2. Tap More and then Save draft .
Tip: You can open and edit draft assignments on the Classwork page.
Edit an assignment
Edits affect individual classes. For multi-class assignments, make edits in each class.
Tip: If you change an assignment's name, the assignment's Drive folder name isn't updated. Go to Drive and rename the folder.

Edit a posted assignment

  1. On the Classwork page, next to the assignment, tap More and then Edit.
  2. Enter your changes and tap Save.

Edit a scheduled assignment

  1. On the Classwork page, next to the assignment, tap More and then Edit.
  2. Enter your changes and tap Schedule.

Edit a draft assignment

  1. On the Classwork page, next to the assignment, tap More and then Edit.
  2. Tap the assignment and enter your changes.
    Changes are automatically saved.
  3. Choose an option:
    • Assign it immediately (details above).
    • Schedule it to post at a specific date and time (details above).
    • To keep it a draft and return to the Classwork page, at the top, tap Close and then Save.
Add a class comment to the assignment
  1. Tap Classroom and then the class.
  2. At the bottom, tap Classwork and then the assignment.
  3. At the top, tap Instructions.
  4. Tap Add class comment.
  5. Enter your comment.
  6. Tap Post .
Reuse an assignment
To reuse an assignment, see Reuse a post.
Delete an assignment
You can only delete an assignment on the Classwork page.
If you delete an assignment, all grades and comments related to the assignment are deleted. However, any attachments or files created by you or the students are still available in Drive.
Warning! There's no way to undo deleting an assignment.
  1. Tap Classroom and then the class.
  2. Tap Classwork .
  3. Next to the assignment, tap More and then Delete .
  4. To confirm, tap Delete.

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