About Assignments

Assignments is a tool designed to help you create, analyze, and grade student work in G Suite for Education. You can share Google Drive files with students, automatically generate originality reports, and grade with rubrics. 

You can use Assignments as a standalone companion to your learning management system (LMS) with no required setup, or as a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tool your school admin can integrate within your LMS.

Use Assignments as a standalone product

Use Assignments LTI with your LMS 

  • Assignments is built to LTI standards, making it compatible with any LMS that supports LTI version 1.1 or higher. Talk to your admin about turning on Assignments LTI.
  • Create assignments in your LMS and select Assignments LTI as an external tool.
  • Students submit work to Assignments LTI by opening the coursework in the LMS.
  • Assignments LTI automatically syncs assigned grades to your LMS gradebook.

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Features and benefits of Assignments

Easily create and share coursework with students

  • Assign and collect virtually any file type, including Google Docs and Microsoft® Word files.
  • Automatically generate a copy of assignment files for each student.
  • Duplicate or adapt existing assignments for new courses.
  • Organize coursework by class, date, and student.

Automatically generate originality reports with Google Search

  • Assess student work for originality without leaving your grading tool.
  • Search hundreds of billions of web pages and tens of millions of books.
  • Allow students to check for originality up to 3 times before submitting work to help identify missing citations.

Save time grading while providing rich feedback

  • Prevent students from editing their work while you grade.
  • Easily reuse frequent feedback with a personalized comment bank.
  • Grade with rubrics to keep grading consistent and transparent.
  • Save all your changes with automatic backups to Drive. 
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