Evaluate the health of a DS bid strategy

Allow a DS bid strategy time to learn

Bid strategy health panel with Learning details

A DoubleClick Search bid strategy with a conversions or revenue goal enters learning mode when any of the following types of changes occur:

  • The bid strategy is new. It can take a few days after creating a new bid strategy for it to enter learning mode.
  • The specified CPA, ERS, or ROAS target changed by more than 30%.
  • More than 30% of the bid strategy's portfolio changed. That is, more than 30% of the biddable items were added or removed.
  • A different attribution model is selected. For example, the last-click attribution model is replaced by the linear attribution model.
  • Floodlight tags (conversions) are selected. For example, a bid strategy includes Floodlight tags named Revenue, Subscriptions, and Interest. Then the Floodlight tag, Interest is removed from the bid strategy so that the only conversions it uses are now Revenue and Subscriptions. 

When these types of changes occur, it may take about a week for the bid strategy to recalibrate. It has to learn how to set bids from the performance history of the all of the biddable items in its portfolio and adjust to new targets.

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