DoubleClick Search overview

Dynamic URL parameter

A URL parameter that specifies a placeholder instead of a specific value. When a user clicks an ad, the engine replaces the placeholder with a value. Different engines recognize different dynamic parameters.

A URL parameter is a name-value pair, such as m="exact". With a dynamic URL parameter, you provide the name and the engine provides the value. For example, AdWords ValueTrack parameters can be used in dynamic URL parameters:{matchtype}

Recognized placeholders

DoubleClick Search (DS) recognizes all dynamic parameters that are provided by the supported search engines. Click the links below for information on each engine:

You can also specify a DS macro as a value placeholder. In this case, none of the engines will recognize the placeholder, so it remains unresolved until a click is redirected to DS. DS then replaces the macro with a value before redirecting to the landing page.

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