Adjust mobile bids with a DS bid strategy

About adjusting mobile bids with a DS bid strategy

DS bid strategies that target conversions or revenue in an account automatically recommend mobile bid adjustments (increase or decrease bids for searches from a mobile device) based on the bid strategy’s goal.

Once the bid strategy has gathered enough performance data, you can view and manually apply the recommendation, or you can set up a bid strategy to automatically apply the bid adjustment.

Important details

Available only for certain accounts

Only DS bid strategies that are applied to AdWords, Bing Ads, or Yahoo! Japan campaigns or ad groups can recommend or set bid adjustments for mobile devices.

Available only at the campaign or ad group level

Because mobile bid adjustments are set at the campaign and ad group level, recommendations or adjustments are available only when you apply a bid strategy to a campaign or ad group. If you apply a bid strategy directly to a keyword or other biddable item, the bid strategy cannot recommend or set a mobile bid adjustment for that specific item.  

For example
  1. You create a bid strategy that optimizes bids and adjusts mobile bids.
  2. You apply the bid strategy to CampaignA and directly to 30 keywords in CampaignB.

The bid strategy will:

  • Optimize bids for all keywords in CampaignA and to the 30 keywords in CampaignB.

  • Adjust mobile bids only for the keywords in CampaignA.
    It will not adjust mobile bids for the 30 keywords in CampaignB.

If you apply a bid strategy to a campaign or ad group and then change a biddable item to never use a bid strategy, the bid strategy will still consider the biddable item's performance when adjusting or recommending mobile bids for the other biddable items in the campaign or ad group.

Setting the mobile bid adjustment to -100% overrides a bid strategy

If you manually set a campaign or ad group's mobile bid adjustment to -100%, a bid strategy will no longer automatically set bid adjustments for the campaign or ad group. (A setting of -100% indicates that you don't want mobile bid adjustments.) The bid strategy will continue to recommend bid adjustments, but it will not automatically set bid adjustments until you manually change the setting to something higher than -100%.

If the mobile bid adjustment is set to any other number, a DS bid strategy will ignore the setting and set or recommend a mobile bid adjustment based on performance history.

Ad groups, campaigns, and conflicting bid strategies

Because you can apply a bid strategy to a campaign, ad group, or a specific biddable item, a biddable item might be managed by one bid strategy while its parent campaign or ad group is managed by a different bid strategy.

If a campaign or ad group’s bid strategy optimizes bids while a specific biddable item's bid strategy recommends or applies mobile bid adjustments (and does not optimize bids), make sure that both bid strategies have the same or compatible goals. If the goals are not compatible (for example, if the bid strategies optimize for different Floodlight activities), you could be getting conflicting advice or adjustments from the ad group’s bid strategy.
Conflicting bid strategies.

The converse is true as well: if a biddable item’s bid strategy automatically optimizes bids and the campaign or ad group’s bid strategy only recommends or applies mobile bid adjustments, make sure both bid strategies are compatible.

A bid strategy might change an ad group's tablet bid adjustment setting

In Bing Ads, you can set a tablet bid adjustment in a campaign and ad group that is completely independent of the mobile bid adjustment. Bid strategies don't manage tablet bid adjustments, but a bid strategy may change a tablet’s bid adjustment setting to match the desktop setting. If an ad group is inheriting its device targeting setting and a bid strategy is managing the Bing Ads mobile bid adjustment for the campaign, DoubleClick Search changes the ad group’s tablet bid adjustment setting to use the same bid as the desktop.

If a bid strategy is only recommending bid adjustments and an ad group is inheriting its device targeting settings, DoubleClick Search doesn’t change the tablet bid adjustment setting. If you change the bid strategy setting to optimize the mobile bid adjustment, the tablet bid adjustment setting is changed to match the desktop.

For example, before applying a bid strategy to CampaignA, the device targeting setting for AdGroupA is set to inherit from campaign. Then, a bid strategy that manages Bing Ads mobile bid adjustments is applied to CampaignA. Because a bid strategy is now managing mobile bid adjustments and because the ad group is inheriting its device targeting setting, DoubleClick Search automatically changes AdGroupA’s tablet setting to use the same bid as the desktop.

Ready to get started?

  1. Create and apply a bid strategy for mobile bid adjustments.
  2. View and apply the bid strategy's recommendation.

No matter which way you start (recommending or adjusting), you can change this setting for the bid strategy later on.

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