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If you have a fixed monthly budget—or some money left over from a quarterly budget—and you want to make sure you spend that exact amount on a group of biddable items, create a bid strategy that targets a monthly spend. Instead of adjusting bids to meet a specific CPA, ERS, or position target, a monthly-spend bid strategy adjusts bids to attempt to spend your budget exactly and evenly each month while maximizing the conversions you specify.

Spend the same amount each day, when possible

A monthly-spend bid strategy attempts to spend an even amount each day. But if you experience a large number of clicks on a given day, the DS bid strategy might spend more than on previous days. If this occurs, the bid strategy attempts to spend the remaining budget evenly for each day remaining in the month.

For example:

  • You set a monthly spend target of $300.
    The bid strategy attempts to spend $10 each day (in a month that has 30 days).

  • On the 10th day of the month, you start experiencing a larger number of clicks than on previous days, and so you spend $15 instead of $10 for a few days.

  • The bid strategy readjusts its daily spend target to $9 to stay within the remaining budget.

Starting in mid-month

A monthly-spend bid strategy applies the spend target to the current calendar month, even if the month has already started. If you start a monthly spend bid strategy in mid-month, the spend that's already occurred in the current month for the biddable items in the bid strategy will count toward the target. So you can start the bid strategy mid-month, and what you've spent so far will be deducted when calculating the remaining target.

For example:

  • On July 11th, you create a monthly-spend bid strategy with a $100,000 target.
  • The spend for the biddable items is already $30,000.
  • The bid strategy will set daily spend targets to attempt to spend $70,000 over the remaining 20 days of the month.

Campaign budget and bid strategy budget

The Performance Bidding Suite will control your spend to stay within the monthly target, but it won't exceed your campaign budgets to reach the target. Therefore, we recommend relaxing your campaign budgets to give the system a better chance to fully utilize your monthly target.

A monthly spend bid strategy considers only currently active campaigns, ad groups, and biddable items when applying the spend target. Overspending may occur if an item is paused in the middle of a month because the amount that has already been spent isn't calculated in the spend target. 

Exceptions to even spend and monthly spend target

In addition to large increases in the number of clicks, other changes and constraints may cause a monthly spend bid strategy to spend unevenly or to not match the target spend for the month.

If a bid strategy is applied near the end of a month, spend might not be exactly even each day of the following month. A bid strategy learns from the previous month and current days in the month and adjusts accordingly.

A bid strategy with a monthly spend target may over or under spend if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • Keywords are added or removed from the bid strategy.
  • A position constraint is set in the bid strategy.
  • The bid range constraint is too narrow.

Even with a monthly spend target, DoubleClick Search applies constraints in the following order to set bids:

  1. Bids within the minimum/maximum bid range
  2. Bids within the position range
  3. Attempts to match target budget

Create a monthly-spend bid strategy

  1. Start creating a Conversions, Revenue, or Clicks bid strategy.

  2. In the Target section, select the Monthly spend target and enter the amount to spend for the month.

  3. Finish creating the bid strategy.

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