Monthly spend bid strategy overview

You have a fixed monthly budget, or some money left over from a quarterly budget, and you want to make sure you spend that exact amount on a group of biddable items. Also, you don’t have a lot of time to think about CPA, ERS, or target position; you just want to get the most return from your money.

With the new Monthly spend bid strategy, you can let DoubleClick Search (DS) do all the thinking for you. When creating a new bid strategy, simply:

  1. Select a Conversions, Revenue, or Clicks goal.

  2. Choose the Monthly spend option and enter the amount to spend for the month.

  3. (Actions, Revenue, or Transactions goals only) If desired, maximize the target spend against selected Floodlight activities.

  4. Enter the default min and max bids for the bid strategy.

Our algorithms then take over and update the bids four times a day to:

  • Spend the remainder of the target exactly and evenly for the rest of the calendar month.

  • Maximize the selected metric.

Please note the following:

  • This target applies to the current calendar month, even if the month has already started.

  • If you start a monthly spend bid strategy in mid-month, the spend that's already occurred in the current month for the keywords will count toward the target. So you can start the bid strategy mid-month, and what you've spent so far will be deducted when calculating the remaining target.

  • The Performance Bidding Suite will control your spend to stay within the monthly target, but it won't exceed your campaign budgets to reach the target. Therefore, we recommend relaxing your campaign budgets to give the system a better chance to fully utilize your monthly target.

Track your budget’s progress:

You can select columns that show progress against the budget. As the goal is to spend all of your budget, adjust your budget as needed to get the results you want.

  1. Click the Columns button in the toolbar above the performance summary graph to open the column selection tool.

  2. Navigate to Bid strategy > Target spend under Available columns.

  3. Select to display Ideal budget spend, % of budget spend, and/or Budget spend remaining.