Set up Floodlight instructions

Example 2: Create a new include instruction at the activity group level

An auto company has several hundred Floodlight activities on DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), but is only interested in reporting on Request a quote for DoubleClick Search. The company can set up a Floodlight instruction to include the Floodlight activity group that contains the related Request a quote Floodlight activities. DCM will continue to report on all Floodlight activities for the advertiser, but DoubleClick Search will only report on the Request a quote Floodlight activity group.

Follow these steps to include the Request a quote Floodlight activity group and exclude all others in the advertiser:

  1. In the left nav, click the Advertiser settings tab.
    Learn more about accessing advertiser settings.

  2. Below the advertiser’s settings, click the Floodlight instructions tab.
    The current Floodlight instructions for the advertiser appear.

  3. Click the + New button in the toolbar above the Floodlight instructions table.
    The settings panel for the new Floodlight instruction appears.

  4. Select Floodlight activity group from the Apply instruction to dropdown.

  5. In the box that appears, select the Request a quote Floodlight activity for the Canadian website.

  6. Select Inclusion status from the Floodlight instruction type dropdown.

  7. Select the Include option button.

  8. Click Save.
    DoubleClick Search adds the Floodlight instruction to the table.

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