Audit your account after an inbound sync

After you’ve performed an inbound sync, you’ll want to make sure that all your intended updates are accurately reflected in DoubleClick Search. The final step will be to make sure you're satisfied with the campaign changes made in DoubleClick Search. An easy way to view the objects that were imported or edited during a synchronization (sync for short) is to download the sync details from the UI.

Follow these steps to download the changes.

  1. From the Campaigns page, click the Sync from engine button.

  2. Click the Last sync details tab.

  3. Review the sync details, including the last time the sync was run, the number of objects that were modified, and any errors.

  4. To view a complete list of the changes in CSV format, click Download details.

  5. Verify that the changes were applied correctly in DoubleClick Search.

If you find any errors, please contact the DoubleClick Search Support team.

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