Apply a label to objects

When you apply a label to an object (campaign, ad group, ad, keyword, or product target), that object will be included in the label's reporting data. This gives you the power to report on a set of objects that span the traditional campaign structure.

Labels and inheritance: Labels support multi-level inheritance. For example, when you apply a label to a campaign, DS will also apply the label to the ad groups in the campaign, as well as to the keywords, ads, and product targets in the ad groups. DS will also automatically add new product targets, keywords, ads, and ad groups in the campaign to the label, and they will appear in all reports and filters that use the label.

Follow these steps to apply a label:

  1. Navigate to the page that contains the campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, or product targets you want to add.

  2. In the reporting table, select the check boxes next to the objects you want a label applied to.

  3. In the toolbar above the table, click Labels.
    The panel where you can select a label appears.

  4. Select the label you want to apply to the objects.
    You can also click the Create new button to create a new label.

  5. Click Apply.
    The label name appears for those objects in the (Object) labels column.

  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for all objects that you want applied to the label.

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