Headers and footers

To insert headers and footers in your document, click the Insert menu and select Header or Footer. Depending on what you selected, a header or footer area, separated from the document body with a gray line, will appear at the top or bottom of each page of your document.

Type the text for your header or footer in the newly marked header or footer area. You may use formatting features within the header or footer, including font changes, bold and italic text, links, and bulleted and numbered lists. After editing your header or footer, click anywhere in the main document body to continue working.

To hide your header or footer, you must delete all the contents from it, though the header or footer space will always remain available for text input. For example, after you delete content from the header area, clicking your cursor at the very top of your document will reopen the header for text input rather than bringing your cursor to the first line of the main body of text. Deleting a single header or footer will delete all headers/footers on each page of your document, just as editing the text in a single header or footer will change the text in the header/footer on each page of the document.