Edit Google documents on Android

This article describes the latest version of the Drive app for Android. To get the latest version, download an update from the Play Store.

You can edit your Google documents within the Android app whenever your mobile device has an Internet connection. Editing is available in all supported languages for the Google Drive Android app, including those with right-to-left text.

To begin editing a Google document:

  1. Open the Drive app for Android.
  2. Find the document you want to edit.
  3. Touch the place in your document where you’d like to make an edit.
  4. Begin making your edits.

Choose text formatting

When you’re in edit mode, the toolbar at the top of your document lets you make formatting changes like bolding and underlining text, changing your font style and color, and creating bulleted and numbered lists.

On phones and tablets with small screens, scroll the formatting toolbar to show more formatting options.

Icon Action
Undo action
Redo action
Select font, font size, and style
Change the font color or background color of your text
Choose the alignment of your text
Choose the number of rows and columns and insert a table
Add a numbered list
Add a bulleted list
Indent your paragraphs
Unindent your paragraphs

Copy and paste

To select a word, double tap or touch and hold it for 2-3 seconds. Use the blue markers to expand your text selection.

A number of options will appear in a gray menu:

Icon Action
Select all text in the document
Add a comment

You can cut and paste or copy and paste text within or across documents in the Android app. However, text copied from one document and pasted into another will be pasted without formatting.

To return to view mode after selecting text, touch the Done or Checkmark buttons in the top left of your screen.

Select style, font, and font size

You can change the appearance of your text using the style, font, and font size options within a document.

  1. Open the document.
  2. Highlight specific text that you want to change.
  3. Choose Fonts in the toolbar at the top of your screen.
  4. Touch any of the "Styles," "Fonts," and "Size" options that appear to change your text.
  5. Once you've made your selections, your changes will automatically be applied. 

Edit tables and images

The Drive app lets you view and edit tables in your Google documents.

  1. Touch into the cell you want to modify within a table.
  2. Begin making your text edits.

Unfortunately, you can’t create new tables or make changes to images in the Android app.

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