Google Domains has been disabled for your organization

Google Domains is a service that can be turned off for your G Suite organization.

If you cannot access Google Domains, first, make sure you are logged in with the correct account. You are currently logged in as . Switch user.

If you still cannot access your Google Domains because your organization does not allow you to with this account, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Contact your G Suite administrator and request to turn the Google Domains service back on for your account. Help me find my G Suite administrator
  • Option 2: Transfer your domains to another Google account, like a personal Gmail account, or a G Suite account that has access to Google Domains.
    1. Visit Google Domains. You will see a message telling you that Google Domains has been disabled for your organization and a list of domains that you own, and a Begin transfer link next to each one.
    2. Click Begin transfer and login with the account you wish to transfer the domain to. This will be a different account than the one you registered the domain with ().
    3. Select I don't have an authorization code yet to get an authorization code.
    4. Enter the G Suite account under which you registered this domain () and click Verify.
      Google Domains will email an authorization code to this account.
    5. Check the email account you entered in the last step to receive your authorization code, and copy the authorization code. 
      Note: It is a very good idea to paste the authorization code into a text window temporarily to make sure you copied it correctly
    6. Select I already have an authorization code.
    7. Enter the authorization code and click Accept and continue
    8. Follow the prompts to transfer the domain to the other Google account.

G Suite admin

If you are a G Suite administrator, see Turn Google Domains on or off for instructions to enable the Google Domains service for your organization.

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