Integrate with Google Sites

Google Sites is a tool that lets you easily create websites using structured templates. You can use a site developed with Google Sites for your domain or a subdomain.

Before you begin: It is easiest to setup your domain with Google Sites if the login address of your Google Domains account is also the owner of your Google Site. If not, add the login address of your Domains account as a user of your site and give that ID site-level permissions of "is owner." For help see Share your site with other people in the Google Sites help center.

Custom Domains and Google Sites

This feature is only available for sites created in Classic Google Sites. If you are in the new Google Sites, click Back to Classic Sites to return to Classic Google Sites before assigning a custom URL.

To forward your domain to a site created in the New Google Sites, use Web forwarding.

Use your domain as a custom URL for your Google Site

You must complete steps in both Google Domains and Google Sites:

Decide on the subdomain you want to be the custom URL for your Google Site, for example 

In Google Domains:

  1. Click My domains in the navbar and then click the domain name.

  2. Click the DNS tab .
  3. Scroll down to Custom resource records.
  4. Create a new CNAME record:
    • Name: The subdomain you are directing to the site (do not enter "@").
    • Type: CNAME
    • TTL: 1h


  5. Click Add to save the record.

In Google Sites:

  1. Log in to Google Sites, and go to the site you are integrating with your domain.
  2. Click on the More Actions menu in the top right corner.



  3. Select Manage Site.
  4. On the left side of the Manage Site page, click Web Address.

  5. Under Add a web address enter the address of the subdomain you are using, for example

  6. Click Add at the top of the page to add your address.

    Your address should display in a list below the Google Sites address.

  7. For more help with Google Sites, see the Google Sites help center.


'Domain is not verified' error when mapping

For security reasons, Google Site requires that you verify you own the web address you use in order to map it. You can do this by adding a DNS TXT or CNAME record using Google Search Console:

In Google Search Console:

  1. Go to the Webmaster Tools home page.
  2. If the domain or web address where you want your site mapped isn't already listed, click Add Site to add it. If you're mapping a subdomain (say, you'll need to verify the domain (, not the subdomain (
  3. In the Verify your ownership of <your domain> screen, select the Alternate methods tab.
  4. In the Alternate methods tab, select Domain name provider.
  5. In the Domain name provider list, select Other at the bottom of the list.
  6. The screen will display a value for a TXT record, a long string of characters starting with “google-site-verification…” Select and copy this value to the clipboard. You may want to paste it into a text window to keep track of it.

In Google Domains:

  1. Return to the browser tab or window where you have Google Domains open, or reopen Google Domains. Do not close the tab or window with the Search Console Verify ownership screen open.
  2. If necessary, log in to google domains with the account that owns the domain.
  3. In the DNS tab , scroll down to Custom resource records.
  4. Create a new TXT record:
    1. Name: @
    2. Type: TXT
    3. TTL (Time to live): 1h
    4. Data: Paste in the value you copied from Google Search Console.

  5. Click Add to save the record. You may need to wait a few seconds for the changes to propagate.

In Google Search Console:

  1. Return to the browser tab or window where the Search Console Verify ownership screen is open.
  2. Click the Verify button to verify your domain.
  3. You should see a congratulations screen telling you you have successfully verified the domain.

    For more help on verifying your domain see the "Verify domain ownership" article in the G Suite help center.


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