A kért oldal jelenleg nem áll rendelkezésre az Ön nyelvén. Az oldal alján választhat másik nyelvet, vagy azonnal lefordíttathatja bármelyik oldalt egy tetszőleges nyelvre a Google Chrome beépített fordítói funkciójával.

Forward your emails from email aliases

You can create extra email addresses or “email aliases” for your domain at no extra cost. Google forwards all emails sent to these aliases to your primary email address. You can set up multiple addresses, like special email addresses for business or professional needs. You can also check all your emails in one place.

A domain can have up to 100 email aliases at no extra cost.

Set up email forwarding

If you use Google name servers, Google Domains automatically creates the required mail exchange records, or “MX records,” to make email forwarding work.

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Click your domain.
  3. In the top left, open the Menu Menu.
  4. Click Email.
  5. Under “Email forwarding,” click Add Email Alias.
  6. Enter the alias email address and the existing recipient's email address.
  7. Click Add.

If you didn’t use the recipient address to sign in to Google Domains or verified it with Google Domains, open the one-time confirmation email sent to that address and follow the instructions in the email.

Set up email forwarding with custom name servers

Add the following MX records at your DNS host, if you're using custom name servers and want to use Google Domains' email forwarding.

Name/Host/Alias Type Time-to-live (TTL) Priority Value/Answer/Destination
Blank or @ MX 1H 5 gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com
Blank or @ MX 1H 10 alt1.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com
Blank or @ MX 1H 20 alt2.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com
Blank or @ MX 1H 30 alt3.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com
Blank or @ MX 1H 40 alt4.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com


Tip: In Google Domains and some other DNS providers, you enter the priority in the same field as the destination, separated by a space. For example: 5 gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com.

After you add the MX records above at your DNS host, complete your email forwarding set up.

Send emails from your email alias

If your primary email address is a Gmail address, you can show that you sent email from your email alias. Learn how to send emails from an alias.​

Send emails to your email alias

If you send an email from your Google account to your domain's custom email address, Gmail might auto-archive the message since the sender and recipient are the same. To help prevent that, you can create filters in your Gmail settings.

Tips for email forwarding

Test email forwarding

After you set up and activate email forwarding, send an email to the new email alias that you created.

Tip: To find a forwarded email in your primary inbox, send it from a different email address or check your “Sent” folder.

Find your forwarded emails

Emails sent from your recipient email address to your forwarded address appear in your “Sent” folder. To forward an email so that it shows up in your inbox, send the email from a different email address than the recipient email address.

Forward multiple aliases to a single recipient email

To forward all emails that end in your “@domain” name to your primary address, enter an asterisk “*” in the forwarding address. This lets you support multiple email aliases without specifying specific ones.

For example, support@miriamsbakery.com, info@miriamsbakery.com, and press@miriamsbakery.com all go to miriam.example@gmail.com if you set *@miriamsbakery.com.
Forward emails to multiple people

You can use a group of individuals’ email addresses as your recipient email address if you create a Google group. To let the “public” or “everyone” post emails to the group, you can set the group permissions.

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