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Marcus P S

Any plans for improved equation support in Documents/Presentations? (e.g. MathJax/LaTeX)

With MathJax now working reliably, it would be great to see LaTeX type equation editing directly in the editors, without (necessarily) having to rely on awkward GUI editors.  No such feature exists in OSX or Windows, and in Linux only if using LaTeX directly (through beamer).

This could open the door to a very large market: students, academics, engineers, etc.

Browser & Operating System : All

Free consumer account (@gmail, @yahoo...) or Google Apps account (@yourdomain): Google Docs

Describe the steps you took that produced this error:
- think of any simple equation that requires either greek letters or any special characters
- try to enter it in the Presentation editor

Copy and paste any error messages:

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Bas Braams
Bas Braams
I also think that for any TeX/LaTeX based mathematics for the web MathJax [1] is the way to go. It has some big names behind it: the original sponsors were the American Mathematical Society (AMS), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and Design Science Inc (developers of MathType) and these have been joined by American Physical Society (APS), American Institute of Physics (AIP), IEEE, the (British) Institute of Physics and others. Their support for MathJax is very serious; it is being used in their publication programs and these are big.

MathJax can be directly used in web pages; I use it with Wikidot without any customization on my part and the Wikidot team did not need to do much either to make that possible for their users. For use on a web site one only needs access to CSS and Javascript. Incidentally, this makes it difficult or impossible to use MathJax with Google Sites. The Google Sites team would have to expend some effort to make MathJax available to users of Sites [2].

The Google Docs editor is since Apr/May 2010 not based on CSS and HTML any more, so I assume that it will not be trivial for the GDocs team to make MathJax available. Probably MathJax can only be contemplated as a design for a front-end at the user side for mathematics editing. The processing code would need original work from the GDocs team; they can't just copy whatever the MathJax team has developed.

If MathJax were used with the Google Docs editor then at least for export to HTML one could avoid the ugly bitmap export; one could have the option to export directly to MathJax for HTML.

I want to emphasize that the present facilities for mathematics (equations) editing in the Google documents editor are seriously deficient [3]. One cannot use the GDocs editor to produce even a decent preprint of a scientific article in the hard sciences or engineering, never mind the mathematical sciences.

[2] MathJAX on Google Sites

[3] Issues with the equations editor
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