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How do I .. get beyond 2000 items displayable on the Docs List

I need to document the contents of the Docs List  -  ALL of it and properly sorted.

Can no longer display all items and thus have little use of the "Save as TXT-file" which I used to create.

As it turns out, the saved file is an indispensable "offline reference" when dealing with such primitive setups.

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Bas Braams,
tks. as always a pleasure reading your welldocumented post.
I claim immunity from prosecution for "not having searched Docs Help", because once I encountered the number "2000" I got suspicious of it being some programmer limitation. I searched for "2000" in Docs List Help, which did not produce any hits. It produces 1 now: my own creation!
And now for the real fun: _WHY_ would there be a programmer limitation?
My non-informed guess: Because Google can only keep track of these non-tabled checkboxes designs, if they are ALWAYS 2000 posts long?
"_WHY_ would there be a programmer limitation?"
For practical reasons, i.e. perhaps to list the maximum number of Google Docs documents one once would be allowed to have. 

That limit changed but nobody bothered to adapt the software - which IMHO is something of a disease that is roaming around among the Google Docs programmers: they are keen on creating new features but do little or none when it comes to maintenance of their software - unless of course some disruptive blatant bug needs to be patched, then they pull annoyed away from their cool feature development and hack the bug away (often by reusing an older software version containing other bugs and issues) [at least that is how I imagine it goes and I really hope I'm totally wrong about that...]. 
What they really need would be a Head Software Engineering and/or Quality Control like Bas who would show them where they err in their ways.
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yap: "once"
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