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Deleting a large collection does not delete its files


I've posted this question yesterday already but the post somehow disappeared from the forum after several minutes (?)

I use Google Docs to backup my document archive, which consists of 100.000+ files, ca. 100 Gb currently (I plan to extend storage up to 2 Tb if I find a solution to the current problems).
Yesterday I reorganized my archive & deleted one huge (ca. 80.000 files, 40 Gb) collection. When deleting it, I saw a messagebox saying all the files from the collection will be put into Trash too. That was exactly what I wanted to do.

However, after deleting collection & emptying Trash, I still see all the files from the collection in "Home" and "All Items" views. I can open these files clicking on them. Storage space used also had not decreased. But if I set "Not in collections" filter", these files are no longer visible, so I cannot filter them to delete once again. Moreover, clicking the topmost "Select all" checkbox only selects the first 100 files, and if I extend selection further down the list manually, an error occurs and files are not deleted (this issue was discussed in this topic without any solution).
So I'm stuck. I have tens of thousands of files I cannot remove. And I'm seriously concerned whether I can use Google Docs for my intended purpose at all. I need to upload & organize hundreds of thousands of files.

It this topic I found a probably related quote from a Google employee about a similar problem: "It seems that a combination of many documents and many actions in a limited time has left these in limbo.  We are working on a solution that should avoid these situations, but it is
not something that can be fixed quickly". If this is also the problem in my case, I would like to know when it will be solved. Currently I'm frustrated with Google Docs usability, stability & level of service - certainly not the one you expect from Google.
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Did you empty the trash?

I suspect you have simply overwhelmed the system - it seems it isn't really set up to deal with tens of thousands of files at a stroke :-(
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Sure, Trash is empty.

And about "overwhelming the system"... well, I thought it Google Docs is not a beta-release of a cloud service from an unknown start-up company :-) If Google sells additional storage even in Terabytes, it should provide some means to utilize such storage space.
I wouldn't argue with that.
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