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importhtml and importxml sometimes loads, sometimes doesn't

I have sheets that use a bunch of these import functions, but sometimes fail to load some of them. Sometimes it works fine. When it fails, I get the following error:

"Loading data may take a while because of the large number of requests. Try to reduce the amount of IMPORTHTML, IMPORTDATA, IMPORTFEED or IMPORTXML functions across spreadsheets you've created."

The spreadsheet I'm trying to load only has about 10 importhtml/importxml functions. Usually I can just wait a few hours and try again and it'll work, but the work I'm doing is time sensitive.

Anyone know how I can fix this, or any alternatives to google sheets that allow me to easily import html or xml?
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Richard Rasch
Richard Rasch
I have read every post about this I can find, still no solution! It is extremely frustrating to wait over an hour for 4 or 5 cells to populate with data. Yet, if I copy these few cells into a new google sheet they fill immediately. Why won't this work in the original sheet?
I am having this problem aswell. Someone please help!
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This issue seems to have gotten even worse for me. Does anyone know what triggers it? Reducing the number of import functions doesn't seem to fix it. I even tried deleting other spreadsheets that had a lot of import functions... still doesn't work.

If anyone could shed some light on what's causing this problem, it'd be helpful. If it is just a bug that only Google can fix, then at least I can stop wasting my time trying to fix it.
Google user
Google user
Same issue - I've posted multiple times and never even get a response.  It's like Google is just ignoring it altogether
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After about a week without this issue I thought maybe it had been fixed, but today the problem is back. Anyone know if a permanent fix will happen anytime soon?
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This has gotten even worse... I now have another spreadsheet doing the same thing. It has a total of 10 importxml functions.

The good news is I found a way to import from the web in Excel:

It's not as simple as in Google sheets, but it's good enough. Hopefully Google can fix this issue at some point.
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Today I have a sheet that has a grand total of two IMPORTXML functions. They won't load. Is anyone at Google working on this?
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In one of my sheets that would be too much of a pain to convert to Excel, I've attempted to significantly reduce the number of of import functions. I have it down to 8, which still appears to be too many for Google to handle. When one loads, another fails. Then when the failing one loads, another that had been working fails.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this still a Google issue that hasn't been fixed? Is there something else I can do to get it to work (other than convert the whole sheet to Excel... it uses several functions that aren't available in Excel, and it'd be annoying to have to change those functions to something that works in Excel).
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Once again, I had it working for a few days, and now it no longer works. Can someone from Google explain why it sometimes works and sometimes does not, and how we can know when there will be an outage of this feature to prepare for it and avoid lost time and profits?
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Good news... I've found a method that seems to make these work more consistently, so I thought I'd post my solution. The spreadsheet that I had all of these importxml/importhtml functions in is pretty intricate and has a lot of formulas. I moved all of the importxml/importhtml formulas to a new sheet, and use importrange to import the data from the new sheet into the more complicated sheet. I find that it works a lot better that way, and it also appears to update the web data more frequently and consistently.

Or maybe Google fixed this issue and it happened to coincide with me trying this. Who knows.

If you're still having this issue, you can give this a try and see if it works for you.
Cory Lee
Cory Lee
Happy it works as well for you as it does for me :)

Cory Kapty
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