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LaTeX commands for mathematical formulas in Google Documents.

I would like to be able to collaborate on mathematical content using Google Docs.
I have looked at two options:

This looks great, but doesn't seem to integrate properly with Google Docs. When saved, the document shows up on the list along with the other Google docs. However, when opened only the LaTeX source code appears.

This and other posts describe a LaTeX editor within Google docs. This would serve our needs at this stage, but I was unable to find it in the Google Document editor.

Please let me know if it is possible to use LaTeX with Google and how to proceed

Thank you so much
Ole Nielsen
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Only limited LaTeX support (and when I say limited I mean disappointingly little) can be found in Google Docs text editor when inserting Equations. 

The LaTeXlab editor is probably a better product for your purposes but as it currently is not possible to associate specific applications with the data stored in Google Docs you should only access LaTeX documents created with LaTeXlab directly from that application - it run using the Google Apps Engine which allows it to access one's Google Docs account to store documents created in it, so no separate storage is needed for LaTeXlab created documents. 

But as said it is currently not possible (we hope Google will make such possible one day) to directly invoke the LaTeXlab editor from the Google Docs files list. 
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