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In the older version of the Document list it provided you a count of the number of documents in which ever "folder" (now collections) you were viewing. Can this count be placed back on the document list screen?

I did see where someone suggested selecting all the documents then click download and a count would be provided. For some people this is too many clicks to find something that was available in the older version.

I understand improvements can force some changes. I understand the need for some, but removing the count from the list isn't one of them.

Thank you for your time.
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I too miss this feature... you can always look a your docs with the old ui until it gets added to the new one.
This is terrible for me. I`m traveling for over a year while uploading hundreds of pictures at a time for safe keeping. im currently at 3000 pictures. Without this feature its very difficult for me to tell if they all got uploaded succssfully. The list showing errors during upload isnt good enough because it can show ten reandomly spread out through two hundred and i can easily miss one since i have to bring up a new screen to upload. assuming i even have time to upload in that day. Thanks for the link christian.
Bas Braams
Bas Braams
A count of files would be valuable, also the size of the files, and in some cases a checksum. I think that in many cases, such as the one mentioned by papermaker, what one wants finally is the ability to do an upload in update mode [1], uploading only files that aren't yet there or that are different between the source and the destination.

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