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Quincy Tse

Unable to print Equations

Chrome 14.0.835.18 dev-m/Windows 7 x64

Describe the steps you took that produced this error:
1. Created equations in a document
2. Attempt to print (both on a physical printer and to PDF using Acrobat)

* Special characters not produced
* layout of the super/sub scripts is off

Copy and paste any error messages:
Eg. "X \in [0, aCW_{min}]" (I added the braces for clarity on this post) was printed as "X 2 [1; aCWmin]" (the subscript worked fine)

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Bas Braams
Bas Braams
Conversion to pdf is bad even if certain symbols would not be maltreated; one gets some ugly bitmap in a wrong size. The equation editor appears to be near the bottom of the priorities of the GDocs team. With the revamp of April 2010 it was completely destroyed. It was partly restored in about November 2010, but I don't think that anything has happened to it since. I suggest that one should just forget about using GDocs for mathematics-based scientific or engineering text. More detailed comments about the equation editor are in the cited earlier postings [1-13].

Print preview of equations is now looking very good under Linux for me for a wide range of equation font sizes, although this is not so for Windows where I get garbled equation symbols. Direct export of the documents to pdf still produces a low-resolution bitmap rendering of equations for Linux and Windows. Hopefully, what I am seeing under print preview for Linux will show up for Windows as well as in directly exported pdfs as it is a great improvement.
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