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Google Keep - it's now Double Spacing everything!

This just started today - when adding to any of my Google Keep notes, each new line of text is automatically double spaced.   This is whether I start a brand new note, or add to an existing note.   When I hit enter, instead of going to the next line, it double spaces.   I've checked for a setting to fix/reset this and cannot find one.  Help!

Update:  I have now noticed that when I add text to a note.... let's say it's a grocery list.... as I add each item, the lines are double spaced - but once I hit DONE, all of the lines go back into single spacing.  Weird, but ok - that will work.  

Thanks for reading.
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Emma - Community Specialist
Emma - Community Specialist
Hi Kenzeelee and Mr.Smits,

Welcome to the Google Docs Help Forum.

@Mr.Smits, thanks for pitching in.

@Kenzeelee, I do understand the inconvenience you're facing. I suggest trying these troubleshooting steps in a sequence and see if any help:

Let me know if this helps.

Josue Aristy
Josue Aristy
Im having the same issue, when I copy something from Internet for example or some text editor I will get double spacing in keep.

It happens in the phone and desktop!

How can I solve this? Thanks
Its so dumb that you have to use another browser to use a google product. This double spacing is killing me!! I takes me double and tripple the time to pastes something. (first world problems right) 

Had the same problem, everything was double-spaced as soon as I clicked on the title bar.

The simple solution was to use Firefox, and Google Keep works perfectly, no double-spacing or format changes. Nice one Google.
The Hedgemeister
The Hedgemeister
Same problem. What happened, it use to work fine. Such a time waste removing extra lines.
So I tested on Microsoft Edge - No problem, works great. Now I really love Edge, bye bye Chrome. 
The problem is that google keep is recognizing LR (line breaks) and CR (carriage returns) as two individual returns.  Below is the solution that i'm using to remove the LR from every line

Solution A:

Solution B:
1 - If you copy your text into notepad++ 
2 - press "Ctrl+F" 
3 - click the replace tab
4 - in the find what type "\n"
5 - in the replace with type "\1"
6 - select regular expression
7 - click replace all
8 - copy your text back into Google Keep
Rodion Rodion
Rodion Rodion
Thank you so much! You are the only who gave really useful answer!
Jan Ciger
Jan Ciger
Well, that is not really a solution. I have started to have this problem this morning when copy & pasting text into Google Keep using Chrome. 

Given that probably most users are on Windows where CR+LF is the normal line delimiter, one would assume that Google Keep should be able to handle this without such cumbersome workarounds?

Peng X
Peng X
I have noticed the same issue and indeed Google Keep is treating \r\n as two separate new line symbols, even though it is the standard new line symbol for Windows. This is a programming bug that Google Keep team should fix.
Google user
Google user
I appreciate the feed, but for the amount of notes I create, it's not worth the effort. Deleting the double space is the easiest solution. In the end, I am happy for Google keep, but it's madness!!! :'(
Josue Aristy
Josue Aristy
Finally! OMG!
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