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Yani Burmeister

I can't print any Google docs


I can't seem to print any Google docs anymore. I've been using Google Docs & Drive for years and have never had problems.

Can anyone help? I've tried:
1. Deleting drive and re-installing
2. Deleting Chrome and re-installing
3. Clearning Cache
4. Clearing all browser history
5. Googling the issue

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello Yani,
Thanks for posting your question in the Docs help forum!
Do you receive any errors when you try to print?
Were you trying to print as PDF?
Have you checked if your local printer is correctly configured and can print locally?
Do you have a cloud printer setup?

Please respond back.


Original Poster
Yani Burmeister
Hi Tarhe,

Thank you for your quick reply.

When I select print I used to be able to either print directly from Google docs, or create/save as a PDF ... Currently (since about 14 days ago??) It now doesn't load the preview and I'm unable to go any further ... (see 2 x screen shots attached)

I.e. I'm not able to print, or save as PDF

The screen stays on the 'loading preview' screen (image 2 below) ... It will stay like that for as long as I leave it.
Everyone else in my organisation seems to be ok except me ...

If I am trying to print, I will connect my laptop to the printer through USB.

I thought that it might be a computer issue but I noticed after Googling the issue that others seem to be having similar or the same issue.

Not: I am using a brand new Macbook Pro with OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

I hope this helps.

What happens is
Hello Yani,
I have tried reproducing the issue and everything is working from my end.
Did you install a new add-on on your browser recently?
Have you tried using another browser?
Have you tried  printing  in incognito mode?

Please follow this instruction to do  a Chrome Browser Reset.
to see if it makes the difference.

Walter Anthony
Walter Anthony

Thanks for responding to Yani.  Due to your response I was able to uncover the addon that prevented me from printing google docs.  In my case it was an extension titled inlinedisposition.  Removing this extension restored functionality.

Thanks again,

Hi Walt,
Thanks for reporting back, I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue.
Please always let us know if you have any question about docs.
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