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Google Docs search problems

I have found several problems with queries on google docs:

1. Since 02.02.2012, I can find recently uploaded pdf files only after 1-2 days.
If I search a word from title I find them, but for words within this files not.
ex: I uploaded yesterday a file "test-no41.pdf" which contains words "test1" and "test2".
If I search no41 I find this file.
If I search test1 I don't find it.

2. Since 13.12.2011, I can't find latest created documents/spreadsheets
 - Title queries get the correct results.
 - Searching words from files returns only files created before 13.12.2011
 - the same problem happens also for recently uploaded spreadsheets (with conversion)
It is already a post with this problem here. Google response on 05.01.2012 (the single response) 
 "Thanks for reporting this, I was able to reproduce what you're describing and we're looking into it."
Since then no update about this problem...

3. Different results for this queries: single_word AND "single_word"
 For example, If I search:
mody - I get more than 200 results (some of the don't contains the word mody)
"mody" - I get only 50 results
I already put a post on document list api group (I send the user account and also no update for this problem since then)

4. Search in specified collection let me see max 50 results. (and have strange behaviour)
 For example:
I have collection "test_folder" which contains 2000 files with the word "word". If I search "word" in this collection I can see only first 50 results (sorted by relevance - I always have to select by last modification date - maybe is an option to select which I didn't find until now to change this)

5. I also have other problems with queries with document list api, but I will discuss them on their group. 
For example: some queries last to long (>10s also) which returns an exception in api (here)

Firstly I want google to verify this problems and after that to send updates about:
 - if they will try to resolve this issue
 - when will this issue will be fixed 
 - other updates about this problem once a week (even it's just hello - we want to know that someone it's working to fix this issues)
This is a general request for all the issues posted on this forum (I guess that all the persons wish that)

I am posting here  because it affects also queries from document list api, and also affects my application.

(*) I used Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6 and Firefox last versions on Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 11.10, Windows XP SP2
(*) I have ~ 200k files (majority pdfs)
(*) Sorry for my english :)

Best regards, 
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I also have a problem with queries, regarding the unknown error that appears after 10 seconds, when using the document list API.
Many queries that contain more that 2-3 words take about 12-13 seconds to return results, so these won't work when using documents list API

It's has become a very troublesome issue... The number of stored documents is pretty high (more than 150k) and half of them have more than 20-25 pages.
Can this be a cause for this issue/bug ? 

Google user
Google user
He doesn't have much documents saved. Only about 5 documents total and 9 pages total.
I don't understand your statement... Did you used google translate ? are you referring to your uploaded documents? 
It seams that the issue regarding pdf documents indexing after 1,2 days has been fixed...
But does anyone else has the problem with the unknown error after 10s, when making Document List API queries? 
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