Remove image backgrounds in Google Slides (Workspace Labs)

The option to remove image backgrounds is rolling out gradually and may not be available to you yet.

Important: This article is referring to Google Workspace Labs, which is a trusted tester program for users to try new AI features. It is currently available to trusted testers in US English and may not be available in your country. To check if you have access to Workspace Labs features, open a presentation on Google Slides and look for Remove background  in the toolbar at the top.​​

Remove an image's background

  • In a slide, right click an image and then click Remove background .
  • Select an image, then:
    • From the toolbar: At the top, click Remove background .
    • From the Format menu: At the top, click Format and then Image and then Remove background .

Tip: Images with removed backgrounds can't be reset with Reset Image. To go back to the original photo, undo or use version history.

Give feedback on image background removal

Gemini for Google Workspace is constantly learning and may not be able to support your request.

Because feedback may be human readable, please do not submit data that contains personal, confidential, or sensitive information.

To give feedback:

  1. In the bottom left corner, select Good suggestion  or Bad suggestion .
  2. If you select Bad suggestion , Select the issue you found and enter additional feedback.
  3. Select Submit.

To provide general feedback on this feature, at the top, go to Help and then Help Slides improve.

To report a legal issue, create a request.

Turn off image background removal

To turn off any of the features on Google Workspace Labs you must exit Workspace Labs. If you exit, you:

Learn about Workspace Labs feature suggestions

  • Google uses Workspace Labs data and metrics to provide, improve, and develop products, services, and machine learning technologies across Google.
  • Your Workspace Labs Data may also be read, rated, annotated, and reviewed by human reviewers. Importantly, where Google uses Google-selected input (as described in the Privacy Notice) to generate output, Google will aggregate and/or pseudonymize that content and resulting output before it is viewed by human reviewers, unless it is specifically provided as part of your feedback to Google.
  • Images using this feature are for use only within Google Slides.
  • Workspace Labs edited images are designed to bring your imagination to life in Google Slides, and may not represent real world situations.

How Workspace Labs data in Google Slides is collected

When you use "Remove background" in Google Slides, Google uses and stores the following data:

  • Your image
  • Your image with background removed
  • Your feedback on this feature

To understand how this data is used, review the Google Workspace Labs Privacy Notice and Terms for Personal Accounts.

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