Bulk upload native video creatives

To save time, you can upload up to 100 native video creatives at once. When you bulk upload, you'll upload all of the creative assets and provide the creative details that you enter when you create a single creative in Display & Video 360. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1: Upload your creative assets and enter creative details without a spreadsheet

If you prefer not to create a spreadsheet, you can upload your creative assets, then fill in the required creative details during bulk upload.

  1. Open your advertiser, then click Creatives in the left menu.
  2. Click New > Bulk add creatives > Native video.
  3. Upload your creative assets by dragging and dropping them into Display & Video 360, or click Browse to select them. Required assets for native video creatives
  4. Display & Video 360 will display the list of creative assets you uploaded. Each row represents a creative. Assign assets to the right column for each creative.
  5. When you're done, review and edit your bulk upload.

Option 2: Fill out a bulk upload spreadsheet

The bulk upload spreadsheet template allows you to enter all of the creative details and asset names at once, then create all the creatives in Display & Video 360 with a single upload.

To create your spreadsheet:

  1. Open an advertiser, then click Creatives in the left menu.
  2. Click New > Bulk add creatives > Native video.
  3. Click Download template to download a blank spreadsheet that includes column headers for each creative field in Display & Video 360.
  4. Open the spreadsheet. Add a new row for each creative and enter that creative's details. For help figuring out what to enter, read the detailed descriptions of each field below. Note: Spreadsheet uploads may time out if they contain more than 100 creative rows. If you need to upload more than 100 creatives, separate them into multiple spreadsheets.
  5. (Optional) Add your own columns to the spreadsheet to track other creative notes and details. Any extra columns will be ignored during upload, as long as all the columns are included and in the same order as in the template.
  6. When your spreadsheet is complete, export it as a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding so that Display & Video 360 can process your upload. Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) are not supported.
  7. Upload both the spreadsheet file and all of the required creative assets.
  8. When you're done, review and edit your bulk upload.

Download a template

Templates are in CSV format.

Download template

Columns in the spreadsheet template

To bulk upload native video creatives, your spreadsheet must include the following column headers. For each creative row, you can leave optional columns blank if they're not needed.


These details are required for each creative you include in the bulk upload spreadsheet.

Creative name The name of the new creative in Display & Video 360.
Advertiser name The name of the advertiser or brand to advertise.
Main asset file name The name of the primary video file. Video specifications
Headline The headline copy to show in the creative. (Optional if long headline is provided.)
Long headline A longer version of the headline, used as an alternative headline when space allows. (Optional if short headline is provided.)
Logo The filename of the brand or advertiser logo to display in the creative, for example "filename.jpg".
Cover image The filename of a rectangular, 1.91:1 aspect ratio image to display over the video player before the video is played.
Body text The body text to show in the creative. (Optional if long body text is provided.)
Long body text A longer version of the body text, used as alternative body text when space allows. (Optional if short body text is provided.)
Caption URL Also called a display URL. A shorter, friendlier URL or domain name to display in the creative.
Call to action The text to use on the call-to-action button (for example, "Shop now".)


Landing page URL The URL the user is sent to when clicking on the creative, for example, "https://www.example.com".
Tracking URL 1 A third-party impression tracking URL up to 1024 characters long.
Tracking URL 2 A third-party impression tracking URL up to 1024 characters long.
JavaScript tracking URL The URL of a JavaScript file provided by a supported verification provider. For example, https://www.example.com/measurement.js.
Integration code A code for use with an external reporting system.
Notes Notes about the creative for your own use.

Allowed characters

To be compatible with Display & Video 360, your spreadsheet should use UTF-8 encoding. Also, each value in your spreadsheet cannot include special characters, such as non-printing or control characters. When confirming your spreadsheet upload, non-printing characters may appear as a replacement character .

If you see an error about control characters in your spreadsheet, first check that it is saved in UTF-8 format, then check any column values for characters that aren't allowed. Learn more about control characters

Review and edit your bulk upload

After you've uploaded a spreadsheet, your creative assets, or both, Display & Video 360 displays an editable list of creatives to bulk upload. Review the list and upload any missing creative assets or required creative details.

When your bulk upload list is complete, click Save. Display & Video 360 will check each of the creatives for missing or incorrect information. You must correct any errors before you can start the bulk upload. If there are no errors, the bulk upload starts. Each creative takes a few seconds to upload.

Fill in creative details with a bulk upload spreadsheet

If you uploaded your creative assets first, you can click Upload spreadsheet to fill in all of the creative details using a completed bulk upload spreadsheet. If you entered any creative details in the bulk upload list, they'll be replaced with the data from the spreadsheet.

Add or remove creative rows

  • To add a new creative to bulk upload, click Add creative.
  • To remove a creative, select that creative's row and click Delete.

Review and fix errors

If there are any problems with the bulk upload, you'll see an error message.
  • Click Expand to get a detailed list of errors along with row numbers.
  • To download the list of errors as a .txt file, click Download all errors.

If the spreadsheet template has been updated since you first downloaded it:

  1. Download the template again.
  2. Compare the template columns, column names, and column order with your spreadsheet.
  3. Make changes to your spreadsheet to match the new template, or fill out the new spreadsheet from scratch.
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