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Display & Video 360 will start enforcing the IAB app-ads.txt standard

As previously announced, Display & Video 360 will start enforcing the IAB app-ads.txt standard and stop buying unauthorized app inventory as identified by app-ads.txt files. For app inventory with an associated app-ads.txt file, Display & Video 360 will stop bidding if the publisher ID isn’t declared in the file. Display & Video 360 will continue to bid on app inventory that doesn’t have an associated app-ads.txt file. Campaigns targeting unauthorized app inventory will see limited reach and a potential drop in spend.

New Authorized Seller (ads.txt) targeting coming soon to the partner level

A new Authorized Seller (ads.txt) targeting option is coming soon to the partner level in Display & Video 360, helping to reduce the risk of buying counterfeit inventory and providing greater flexibility on whether to purchase direct-only or reseller inventory.

  • Changes to targeting: By default, Authorized Direct Sellers and Resellers will be included in your targeting, and publishers who don’t use the ads.txt standard will be excluded. New campaigns and associated insertion orders and line items will inherit this default. This new targeting option applies to all web inventory. You’ll be able to update your targeting to include non-participating publishers or target only Authorized Direct Sellers based on your inventory quality requirements. Existing line items and all non-web inventory will not be impacted.
  • Changes in Reporting: As previously announced, the values returned by the Authorized Seller state dimension will change to align with the new targeting option.

YouTube support for audience frequency cap coming soon

When creating an audience frequency cap, you’ll soon be able to include impression events from YouTube campaigns, allowing for cross-campaign and cross-channel audience frequency cap.

Setting draft insertion orders to active will no longer activate associated draft line items

When you set a draft insertion order to active, either individually or in bulk, any draft line items under the insertion order will remain in draft. This action will now be consistent across Display & Video 360.

Users with ad blockers installed will soon be unable to access the Display & Video 360 UI

Users with ad blockers installed will soon see a splash screen asking them to disable the ad blockers in order to access to Display & Video 360. As certain functionality in the platform doesn’t work with ad blockers, this ensures that users have a consistent experience with the Display & Video 360 UI.

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