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New Active View-based automated bid strategy for display line items coming soon

Display & Video 360 will soon introduce a new automated bid strategy for display line items: Maximize quality impressions that are viewable. With this strategy, the platform will set bids according to the likeliness that an impression will be viewable based on Active View’s viewability definitions. This new strategy allows brand advertisers to maximize their viewable impressions while still spending their full budget.

Customize attribution models for Floodlight and offline reports

You’ll soon be able to customize your Floodlight attribution by selecting from a set of available models in your Floodlight settings. Floodlight and reporting currently use a last-touch model by default. You can also choose what attribution model to use when running offline reports with a new attribution model filter. For Display & Video 360 accounts linked to Campaign Manager, the attribution models used in Campaign Manager will be synced.

Improved Active View measurement coming for Google partner display inventory

Display & Video 360 will soon be able to enable viewability measurement more frequently on Google partner display inventory. This will result in significantly higher viewability measurability rates for this inventory. Learn more

A/B experiment support for unidentified traffic coming soon

As you’re setting up a new A/B experiment, you’ll soon be able to opt in to including users that we don’t have cookies or other ID information for in the experiment. This unidentified traffic can potentially bias experiments if the traffic is concentrated to certain users. Unless specifically looking to capture unidentified traffic, this option is best left off by default.

TrueView location and affiliate location extensions coming soon

We’ll soon be introducing location and affiliate location extensions for TrueView in Display & Video 360. You can use these extensions to help show additional information alongside your TrueView ads that can help you increase store visits and transactions.

  • Location extensions: Location extensions can help people find your business locations. To use location extensions, you need to have a physical location you’re promoting, and that store needs to be listed in a Google My Business account.
  • Affiliate location extensions: Affiliate location extensions let you promote third-party locations, or affiliates, that sell your products. If you sell your products through major retail chains, you can use affiliate location extensions to help people find nearby stores that sell your products.

You’ll manage all of your extensions from a new TrueView Extensions tab in your advertiser.

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