Improvements to ActiveView Measurability

Updated May 22, 2019

The week of June 24, 2019

During the week of June 24, the February changes will also be made to Google partner display desktop and native inventory. Total Active View: Eligible Impressions and Active View: Measurable Impressions for Google partner display ad inventory will increase by around 10%. Because of this, viewable inventory may also increase. The changes to your specific account may vary. 

The week of February 6, 2019

During the week of February 6th, we made improvements that resulted in higher Active View measurability for in-app impressions on Google partner mobile display inventory (formerly Ad Exchange) in Display & Video 360. Because more in-app impressions were now considered measurable, viewable inventory in Display & Video 360 also increased. 

You may have seen higher measurable and viewable impression counts in Display & Video 360 reporting for this specific inventory. Campaign Manager reporting also benefited from this improvement for campaigns synced between Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360.

The second half of 2019

Around the second half of 2019 the Active View measurability improvements will also roll out to the following inventory:

  • Google partner display desktop and native (Coming the week of June 24)

  • Google partner video

  • 3rd party exchanges


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