Guidelines for 3D Swirl creatives

Swirl is an immersive display creative format designed for mobile web. With Swirl, people can explore a 3D rendering in a mobile ad format by rotating and interacting with different features.

You can serve Flipbook creatives by assigning them to video line items. Below are the most common requirements and best practices for image creatives to serve on various exchanges. Please adhere to all other guidelines issued by the IAB.

Production process

Swirl campaigns typically take 4 to 6 or more weeks, depending on the complexity of the creative. How to build a 3D Swirl creative

Best practices

Best practices: Check mark icon For the best performance, follow these recommendations:

1. Show, don't tell

3D helps deliver better product visualization when it matters. 3D is best for campaigns with:

  • A product focus or a visual story to tell
  • Features to visualize, explain or showcase (for example, colors, accessories, and so on)


  • A new car model with customization options
  • An exclusive pair of sneakers

2. Bring perspective

3D unlocks unexpected points of view that are better visualized with 3D and interactivity. Consider how 3D can help tell your story:

  • Explore inside a product or experience in 3D
  • Help potential customers visualize scale and detail


  • Dive into the components of a smartphone
  • Show how big an airline premium seat is

3. Bring the brand to life

3D brings a product to the center of a visual frame, so make sure to show the product in a relevant context. Situate your scene and messaging within the brand universe.


  • Display a luxury bag within a premium environment
  • Highlight a car’s features in various driving conditions
  • Transport users into a world-like-diorama

Content requirements

To run on Display & Video 360, all creatives must follow the creative content and policy guidelines.

Asset requirements

Swirl creatives must be built using Google Web Designer. Assets must meet the following requirements:

Animation Time Limit 30 seconds or less
Open landing page action Must open in a new tab or window
Dimensions 300 x 250, 300 x 600, and 336 x 280 (336 x 280 is only available when also using 300 x 250)
Note: Responsive Swirl creatives aren't supported.
Optional expansion 300 x 250 and 336 x 280 sizes can expand to full screen
Supported interactions Expand to full screen, tap, swipe, respond to publisher page scroll
Maximum file size 3 MB
3D file requirements Google supports GLB files only, 30,000–40,000 polygons. For more details, open the 3D assets guide.
Report metrics Impressions, engagement, full-screen, clickthrough rate, interaction time
Environment Mobile web only (iOS and Android)
Orientation Portrait only

Swirl creative state requirements

There are 3 states of engagement in a Swirl creative: invitation, interaction, and expanded (optional).

State Requirements
  • Model must be rotatable as soon as the ad appears on screen. Interaction with the model should ideally never be blocked, as this will impact engagement metrics.
  • Model should rotate or parallax on scroll or should animate to set the scene, or reveal an object.
  • Model cannot be static.
  • Show an animated call to action to swipe to rotate the 3D model once the scroll animation is complete (when the ad comes into full view in the mobile browser).
  • Controls appear on top of the scene with text: “Swipe to rotate”.

If the creative expands, it must have the following:

  • An expand button in the bottom left corner when not expanded.
  • A close button in the top left or top right corner when expanded.

Inventory requirements

  • Mobile web (iOS and Android)
  • Portrait orientation
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