Managing exchanges

Note: Exchanges need to be enabled before their publishers and auction packages are visible in the marketplace. Enabling or disabling exchanges will also affect inventory source targeting options.

New exchanges are periodically enabled on Display & Video 360. These exchanges need to be enabled before you can target inventory from them in line items. You can also disable exchanges, which stops all line items from targeting them and may affect delivery on existing line items.

Display & Video 360 periodically migrates inventory from sub-exchanges to direct integrations (see full list of exchanges and sub-exchanges available on Display & Video 360 here). To continue accessing the same inventory after a migration is completed, line items targeting the old sub-exchange integration must be updated to target the new direct exchange integration.

To minimize disruption to delivery on existing line items, after a new migration is launched, enabling a newly-migrated direct exchange will automatically trigger a migration of open auction demand for all existing line items that actively target the old sub-exchange. The auto-migration is only active for a limited period of time after a new exchange integration and does not affect deals set up on the old sub-exchange. The deals will need to be manually transitioned by working with the relevant exchange or publisher. 

You need admin or standard access to the partner in which you want to enable the exchange(s). Learn more

To enable or disable exchanges:

  1. Sign in to your Display & Video 360 account and navigate to your partner.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings > Basic Details.
  3. Locate the Exchanges section. You will see a list of exchanges that are available on Display & Video 360.
  4. Check the box next to the exchange(s) that you want to enable for your account.
    1. (For certain exchanges) Enter the Seat ID.
      Some exchanges require the partner to configure a seat ID. The partner can contact the Display & Video 360 customer support team to set up or update the seat ID.
  5. Click Save.
Once a new exchange is enabled, line items with "Target new exchanges" enabled may automatically start spending on the newly enabled exchange. To disable this, navigate to Line Item > Inventory source > Public Inventories and unselect the option to Target new exchanges.


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