About synced deals

Exchanges that integrate through the Seller API can automatically sync their deals and details to create an inventory source in Display & Video 360.

You can accept or archive new deals at InventoryNegotiations under Action required. To find your accepted deals, go to My Inventory.

Deals with existing inventory sources will automatically update with the exchange's latest details.


  • Deals that you manually create by adding a deal ID won't be automatically synced, even if the exchange supports synced deals. 
  • If you manually create a deal that's already been synced, you can also find these deals in Negotiations for acceptance or archiving, or My Inventory.

Exchanges supporting synced deals

  • AppNexus (Xandr)

  • AJA

  • BidSwitch

  • DailyMotion

  • Equativ

  • FreeWheel

  • Gumgum

  • Improve Digital

  • Index Exchange

  • InMobi

  • Kargo

  • Magnite DV+

  • Mopub

  • OpenX

  • Permodo

  • Place Exchange

  • PubMatic

  • Sharethrough

  • Smartclip

  • SoundCast

  • SpotX

  • Taboola

  • Telaria (Magnite CTV)

  • Triplelift

  • Unruly

  • Verizon Media

Deals synced through Google Ad Manager

By syncing deals through Google Ad Manager, you can negotiate and renegotiate deals directly in Display & Video 360. 


Deals synced through Google Ad Manager must be accepted before being available for My Inventory or Targeting.

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