Opt out of optimized fixed CPM bidding

By default, Display & Video 360 optimizes your fixed CPM bids so that you'll win impressions for the lowest price possible.

However, if you need to always bid a specific CPM, or if you are concerned about accidentally bidding beneath a price floor you've established with sellers, you can opt out of optimized fixed CPM bidding:

Note: Opting out of Optimized Fixed Bidding can have a negative impact on the performance of all your fixed bidding line Items and result in overpaying for inventory.

Recommended alternatives you should consider:

  • Using Automated Bidding with the option to “Apply advertiser floor price for targeted deals”
  • Ensuring your deals are set up with the correct floor prices in Display & Video 360. If deals are losing a significant number of impressions due to “Below minimum bid”, setting the floor price in Display & Video 360 slightly above the actual floor price should help mitigate the potential impact of exchange rate fluctuations.
  1. From your partner, expand Settings in the left menu and click Advertiser Configurations.
  2. In the Optimized Fixed Bidding Settings section, click on the list of enabled advertisers.
  3. On the page that appears, uncheck the boxes next to the advertisers who need to use un-optimized fixed CPM bidding. Click Save. 
  4. Save your advertiser configurations. 

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