Creative guidelines

Guidelines for native creatives

Best practices: Check mark icon For the best reach and performance for your native creatives, follow these design recommendations:

  1. Submit all possible assets for the largest reach (logo, rectangular image, square image, and all text length variations).
  2. Include an advertiser name (or confirm that the pre-filled name is correct).
  3. Use high resolution images, as large as possible. For rectangular images or video cover images, use 1200 x 627. For square images, use 627 x 627.
  4. Animations are not supported, use still images only.
  5. Minimal text is allowed within images, avoid using too much text or your creative may be rejected.
  6. Write titles that read like content and/or sentences instead of offers or pure product names.
  7. Write descriptions that generate interest and encourage users to click through to read more.
  8. Always upload a video source file with the highest possible specifications you have available so it can be transcoded into as many serving files as possible. (The more serving files available, the more environments your ad can be served in.)
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