YouTube campaigns

Initial setup for running YouTube & partners line items

Follow these steps to set up YouTube for your advertisers in Display & Video 360

Configure YouTube for your advertiser

  1. Educate yourself: Before you start, make sure you've familiarized yourself with what YouTube & partners line items are.

  2. Accept terms: In your partner's "Advertiser Configurations," accept the Terms & Conditions for Accessing YouTube & Partners agreement, then select which advertisers you want to enable to access YouTube & partners line items. You won't be able to create YouTube & partners line items until you've accepted these terms.

  3. (Recommended) Enable YouTube auto-tagging: This ensures that conversions driven by clicks from YouTube ads are accurately counted. See Conversion tracking in YouTube campaigns for details.

  4. (Optional) Link your channels: See Link YouTube channels to your advertiser for details.

  5. (Optional) Enable third-party measurement via Ads Data Hub: Third-party measurement is available for in-stream, bumper, and non-skippable ads. Learn more

    Follow these steps to enable third-party measurement:

    1. Enable your advertiser and provide a vendor client ID and optional on-by-default instructions: Contact support to enable third-party measurement for your advertiser.

      You’ll need to provide the vendor client ID for each measurement type for each vendor you’d like to enable. A vendor client ID, a unique identifier for your Display & Video 360 advertiser provided by your third-party measurement partner, is required for all third-party measurement on YouTube.

      (Optional) Request on-by-default enablement for a measurement partner to automatically be selected for measurement during campaign construction. Reach out to your measurement partner contact to confirm they support on-by-default settings.

      You can verify the vendor client ID by navigating to Additional settings > Third-party vendors in your advertiser.

    2. Enable measurement on line items: Once third-party measurement is enabled for your advertiser, you’ll be able to set vendors on individual YouTube & partners line items by navigating to Additional settings > Third-party vendors. You can also add a reporting ID, a unique identifier for your line item provided by your third-party measurement partner.

      One on-by-default enabled measurement partner can be enabled per measurement type. 

Campaign creation with YouTube & partners line items

At least 24 hours before the start of your flight:

  • Create your campaign, insertion order, line items, ad groups, and ads; and

  • Set all of these items to active.

This will ensure that your campaign can begin delivering immediately at the start of the flight without any delays for ad approvals or serving.

Insertion order settings for YouTube & partners line items

You can create YouTube & partners line items in a YouTube & partners insertion order or a real-time bidding insertion order that has a pacing setting of Flight ASAP, Flight Even, or Flight Ahead. Bid and budget are controlled at the line item level.

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