Set up conversion tracking for YouTube

You can measure de-duplicated conversions across TrueView in-stream, bumper, non-skippable, and cross-exchange inventory with enhanced tracking for YouTube

Enable YouTube conversion tracking

YouTube & partners line item use dynamic Floodlight activities for conversion tracking. You’ll create these dynamic Floodlight activities differently depending on whether you use Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager 360 to manage Floodlight.

  1. Enable dynamic Floodlight activities for your Display & Video 360 advertiser:

    1. From your advertiser, expand Resources in the left menu and click Floodlight Group.

    2. Click Basic details.

    3. In the Web tag settings section, toggle Dynamic tag to "on."

    4. Save your changes.

  2. Follow the instructions to create a new web Floodlight activity with the following settings:

    1. Set the Format to Iframe tag or global site tag based on how you’re implementing tags on your site.

    2. In the YouTube settings section, toggle Conversion tracking for YouTube inventory to "on."

    3. Save the Floodlight activity.

If you use Display & Video 360 to manage your Floodlight activities, your setup is complete.

Additional steps for Campaign Manager 360 users

If you use Campaign Manager 360 to manage your Floodlight activities, follow the steps below to create dynamic Floodlight tags for your YouTube conversions.

  1. From Display & Video 360:

    1. Scroll to the YouTube settings section of your YouTube-enabled Floodlight activity.

    2. You’ll see a snippet of code in this section. This code needs to be added in Campaign Manager 360 to the Floodlight activity you want to use for YouTube conversion tracking. You can click on the link to open the Floodlight activities tab of your linked Campaign Manager 360 advertiser.

  2. From Campaign Manager 360: 

    1. Make sure you have dynamic tags enabled for your Floodlight configuration.

    2. Navigate to the Floodlight activity that you’re using for YouTube conversion tracking. If you don’t already have one created, follow these steps to create a new Floodlight activity in Campaign Manager 360.

    3. Scroll to the Dynamic tag section of the Floodlight activity.

    4. Click New tag in the Default tags section.

    5. Enter a unique name for the tag.

    6. Paste the code from your YouTube-enabled Floodlight activity in Display & Video 360.

    7. Save the Floodlight activity.

Remember to traffic the IFrame version of the Floodlight Activity so that the YouTube conversion code is triggered correctly.

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