Track impressions and clicks on site-served ads

Some ads are served directly on sites, rather than served by Google Marketing Platform. To track impressions and clicks for these site-served ads in your Campaign Manager 360 account, use Campaign Manager 360 tracking ads. If your advertiser doesn't use Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360 will add tracking elements to your site-served creatives automatically, and none of the information below applies.


  • Use the same Campaign Manager 360 synced site for your site-served ads as you would use for your other Display & Video 360 campaigns. (You can disregard this step if you’re not syncing your creatives from Campaign Manager 360.)
  • The Campaign Manager 360 placement name will be searchable when you create your site-served creative in Display & Video 360.
  • This Campaign Manager 360 ad and creative's landing page will be the site-served creative's Campaign Manager 360 tracking placement and landing page.
  • Site-served creatives' image/text may share a Campaign Manager 360 tracking placement (landing page).
  • Name the placement so you can identify the ad easily.
  • Check that the creative and ad are active in Campaign Manager 360.

Use Campaign Manager 360 tracking ads

Tracking ads are a specific ad type in Campaign Manager 360 which are used to track impressions and clicks when an ad isn't served by Google Marketing Platform.

You must use a single tracking ad with a single tracking creative for each landing page, and we recommend only assigning one tracking ad per placement in Campaign Manager 360. This makes it easier to understand data in reports and perform creative audits.

Campaign Manager 360 does not require default ads for placements with tracking ads.

Create a Campaign Manager 360 tracking ad

  1. Navigate to your advertiser in Campaign Manager 360.
  2. Click NEW > Creative > Tracking to create a new tracking creative, then give the creative a name that will be useful to you in reports.
  3. Click NEW > Ad > Tracking to create a new tracking ad, then:
    1. Name the ad.
    2. Change the ad's status to "Active".
    3. Add the tracking creative you just created to the tracking ad's creative assignments.
    4. Set the clickthrough URL to the appropriate landing page.
    5. Assign a 1×1 placement to your ad.
  4. Click Save to save your ad.
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