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If your advertiser already exists in Campaign Manager 360, see Link a Campaign Manager 360 advertiser to Display & Video 360.

Create an advertiser

Follow these steps to create a new advertiser in Display & Video 360.

 You must have admin access to a Display & Video 360 partner to create a new advertiser. 
  1. From the Advertisers tab of your Display & Video 360 partner, click Create advertiser.

  2. Enter the following basic details:

    1. Name of the advertiser.

    2. A full and valid website (for example: ""). Enter a website owned by your business and not a page on a publisher site, like a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or app store page. 

    3. Select the advertiser currency. This can't be updated once you've saved the advertiser. 

  3. Click Edit to select a billing profile. Once you're done, select Apply.  

  4. Click Edit ​​​​​​​ to select ad server and attribution settings for the advertiser:

    1. Select the advertiser ad server

      1. If you use Campaign Manager 360, select "Campaign Manager 360 and third-party ad servers". Learn more

      2. If not, select "Third-party ad servers only".

    2. Click Edit ​​​​​​​ to select the attribution settings for the advertiser. 

      1. Pick a Floodlight group for the advertiser. All advertisers in a Floodlight group share attribution settings and Floodlight activities. If you create a new Floodlight group, the advertiser will automatically be assigned to it. 

      2. Check the required authorization. 

      3. Select Apply

    3. (If you use Campaign Manager 360) Enter your Campaign Manager 360 site settings. You can create a new, linked site if you don't have one set up already, or you can enter the ID of your site(s). The placements in this site will be available as creatives in Display & Video 360. Learn more 

    4. (Optional if you use Campaign Manager 360) Select additional measurement settings for different types of data to appear in Campaign Manager 360 reporting.

    5. Select Apply.

  5. (Optional) Select any authorizations that are needed.

  6. Click Create.

The new advertiser will now appear in the list of advertisers in your partner.

After you've created a new advertiser, we strongly recommend navigating to the advertiser and reviewing the Settings and Resources sections for additional options to configure before you create your first campaign, including additional account linking and brand safety controls. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

How does Display & Video 360 handle currency conversion?

Most of the inventory purchased through Display & Video 360 is sold in US dollars (USD). If an advertiser uses a currency other than USD:
  1. Display & Video 360 converts the advertiser's currency into USD at bid time.
  2. If an impression is won, the price of the impression is immediately converted back into the advertiser's currency when the spend is recorded.    

Currency exchanges in Display & Video 360 are powered using a widely used bank feed of daily exchange rates. Google doesn't charge any fee for currency conversion in Display & Video 360.

Can I update the currency for an advertiser?

No. The currency setting cannot be updated once you’ve saved an advertiser.

Can I update the time zone for an advertiser?

No. An advertiser's time zone is inherited from its partner and cannot be updated once the partner has been created.

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